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    Universal Inequalities for Eigenvalues of the Buckling Problem of Arbitrary Order

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    We investigate the eigenvalues of the buckling problem of arbitrary order on compact domains in Euclidean spaces and spheres. We obtain universal bounds for the kkth eigenvalue in terms of the lower eigenvalues independently of the particular geometry of the domain.Comment: 24 page

    Quantum Entanglement: Separability, Measure, Fidelity of Teleportation and Distillation

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    Quantum entanglement plays crucial roles in quantum information processing. Quantum entangled states have become the key ingredient in the rapidly expanding field of quantum information science. Although the nonclassical nature of entanglement has been recognized for many years, considerable efforts have been taken to understand and characterize its properties recently. In this review, we introduce some recent results in the theory of quantum entanglement. In particular separability criteria based on the Bloch representation, covariance matrix, normal form and entanglement witness; lower bounds, subadditivity property of concurrence and tangle; fully entangled fraction related to the optimal fidelity of quantum teleportation and entanglement distillation will be discussed in detail.Comment: 63 pages, 4 figure

    A note on the Bloch representation of absolutely maximally entangled states

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    The absolutely maximally entangled (AME) states play key roles in quantum information processing. We provide an explicit expression of the generalized Bloch representation of AME states for general dimension dd of individual subsystems and arbitrary number of partite nn. Based on this analytic formula, we prove that the trace of the squared support for any given weight is given by the so-called hyper-geometric function and is irrelevant with the choices of the subsystems. The optimal point for the existence of AME states is obtained