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    't Hooft Vortices on D-branes

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    The point where a D2-brane intersecting a stack of D2-branes is proposed as a candidate for the 't Hooft vortex in the world-volume theory of N D2-branes. This straightforwardly generalizes to D3-branes, where a vortex line is generated by the intersection. Similarly, there are such objects on M-branes. We use Maldacena's conjecture to compute the static potential between a vortex and an anti-vortex in each case, in the large N limit.Comment: 17 pages, harvmac, 2 figures, typos corrected, one reference added; version 3, comments on number of degrees of freedom adde

    Matrix Schwarzschild Black Holes in Large N limit

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    Based on a gas picture of D0-brane partons, it is shown that the entropy, as well as the geometric size of an infinitely boosted Schwarzschild black hole, can be accounted for in matrix theory by interactions involving spins, or interactions involving more than two bodies simultaneously.Comment: 11 pages, harvmac, references adde
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