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    U-health expert system with statistical neural network

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    Ubiquitous Health(U-Health) system witch focuses on automated applications that can provide healthcare to human anywhere and anytime using wired and wireless mobile technologies is becoming increasingly important. This system consists of a network system to collect data and a sensor module which measures pulse, blood pressure, diabetes, blood sugar, body fat diet with management and measurement of stress etc, by both wired and wireless and further portable mobile connections. In this paper, we propose an expert system using back-propagation to support the diagnosis of citizens in U-Health system

    Superfluid helium 2 liquid-vapor phase separation: Technology assessment

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    A literature survey of helium 2 liquid vapor phase separation is presented. Currently, two types of He 2 phase separators are being investigated: porous, sintered metal plugs and the active phase separator. The permeability K(P) shows consistency in porous plug geometric characterization. Both the heat and mass fluxes increase with K(P). Downstream pressure regulation to adjust for varying heat loads and both temperatures is possible. For large dynamic heat loads, the active phase separator shows a maximum heat rejection rate of up to 2 W and bath temperature stability of 0.1 mK. Porous plug phase separation performance should be investigated for application to SIRTF and, in particular, that plugs of from 10 to the minus ninth square centimeters to 10 to the minus eighth square centimeters in conjunction with downstream pressure regulation be studied

    The nature of power corrections in large β0\beta_0 approximation

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    We investigate the nature of power corrections and infrared renormalon singularities in large β0\beta_0 approximation. We argue that the power correction associated with a renormalon pole singularity should appear at O(1), in contrast to the renormalon ambiguity appearing at O(1/β0)O(1/\beta_0), and give an explanation why the leading order renormalon singularities are generically poles.Comment: 6 page

    The Reed-Solomon encoders: Conventional versus Berlekamp's architecture

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    Concatenated coding was adopted for interplanetary space missions. Concatenated coding was employed with a convolutional inner code and a Reed-Solomon (RS) outer code for spacecraft telemetry. Conventional RS encoders are compared with those that incorporate two architectural features which approximately halve the number of multiplications of a set of fixed arguments by any RS codeword symbol. The fixed arguments and the RS symbols are taken from a nonbinary finite field. Each set of multiplications is bit-serially performed and completed during one (bit-serial) symbol shift. All firmware employed by conventional RS encoders is eliminated

    Contemplating workplace change: evolving individual thought processes and emergent story lines

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    Drawing on topical life histories of physicians in a particularly volatile public health sector environment, we build theory around the contemplation of workplace change. Overall, our study provides evidence as to why single or multiple independent factors, such as pay or job structure, may fail to predict or explain individual decisions to stay in or change workplaces. Instead, the contemplation process we argue is a complex, evolutionary, and context-dependent one that requires individualized interventions. Our findings reveal the prevalence of episodic context-self fit assessments prompted by triggering stimuli, two mechanisms by which thought processes evolved (reinforcement and recalibration), and four characteristic story lines that explain why the thought processes manifested as they did (exploring opportunities, solving problems, reconciling incongruence, and escaping situations). Based on our findings, we encourage practitioners to regularly engage in story-listening and dialogic conversations to better understand, and potentially affect the evolving socially constructed realities of staff members

    An infrared proper motion study of the Orion bullets

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    We report the first IR proper motion measurements of the Herbig-Haro objects in the Orion Molecular Cloud--One using a four-year time baseline. The [Fe II] emitting bullets are moving of order 0.08 arcsec per year, or at about 170 \kms. The direction of motion is similar to that inferred from their morphology. The proper motions of \h2 emitting wakes behind the [Fe II] bullets, and of newly found \h2 bullets, are also measured. \h2 bullets have smaller proper motion than [Fe II] bullets, while \h2 wakes with leading [Fe II] bullets appear to move at similar speeds to their associated bullets. A few instances of variability in the emission can be attributed to dense, stationary clumps in the ambient cloud being overrun, setting up a reverse--oriented bullet. Differential motion between [Fe II] bullets and their trailing \h2 wakes is not observed, suggesting that these are not separating, and also that they have reached a steady--state configuration over at least 100 years. The most distant bullets have, on average, larger proper motions, but are not consistent with free expansion. Nevertheless an impulsive, or short--lived (≪\ll 1,000 years) duration for their origin seems likely.Comment: 9 pages, 8 figure

    Phase diagram of the restricted solid-on-solid model coupled to the Ising model

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    We study the phase transitions of a restricted solid-on-solid model coupled to an Ising model, which can be derived from the coupled XY-Ising model. There are two kinds of phase transition lines. One is a Ising transition line and the other is surface roughening transition line. The latter is a KT transition line from the viewpoint of the XY model. Using a microcanonical Monte Carlo technique, we obtain a very accurate two dimensional phase diagram. The two transition lines are separate in all the parameter space we study. This result is strong evidence that the fully frustrated XY model orders by two separate transitions and that roughening and reconstruction transitions of crystal surfaces occur separately.Comment: 17 pages, source RevTeX file and 8 PS figures are tarred and compressed via uufile
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