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    Gauged U(1)U(1) Clockwork Theory

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    We consider the gauged U(1)U(1) clockwork theory with a product of multiple gauge groups and discuss the continuum limit of the theory to a massless gauged U(1)U(1) with linear dilaton background in five dimensions. The localization of the lightest state of gauge fields on a site in the theory space naturally leads to exponentially small effective couplings of external matter fields localized away from the site. We discuss the implications of our general discussion with some examples, such as mediators of dark matter interactions, flavor-changing BB-meson decays as well as D-term SUSY breaking.Comment: 22 pages, 2 figures, Expanded discussion on dark matter mediator, To be published in Physics Letters

    Softness of Supersymmetry Breaking on the Orbifold T2/Z2T^2/Z_2

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    We consider supersymmetry breaking due to a Scherk-Schwarz twist or localized mass terms in 6d N=1{\cal N}=1 supersymmetric gauge theory compactified on the orbifold T2/Z2T^2/Z_2. We show that the Scherk-Schwarz breaking in 6d is equivalent to the localized breaking with mass terms along the lines in extra dimensions. In the presence of the considered supersymmetry breaking, we find that there arises a finite one-loop mass correction to a brane scalar due to the KK modes of bulk gauge fields.Comment: JHEP style file of 16 pages, no figures, published versio

    Gravity Mediation in 6d Brane-World Supergravity

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    We consider the gravity-mediated SUSY breaking within the effective theory of six-dimensional brane-world supergravity. We construct the supersymmetric bulk-brane action by Noether method and find the nontrivial moduli coupling of the brane F- and D-terms. We find that the low energy Kahler potential is not of sequestered form, so gravity mediation may occur at tree level. In moduli stabilization with anomaly effects included, the scalar soft mass squared can be positive at tree level and it can be comparable to the anomaly mediation.Comment: 4 pages, To appear in the proceeding of PASCOS 2005, Gyeongju, Korea, May 30-June 4, 200

    Gauge Coupling Unification in a 6D SO(10) Orbifold GUT

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    We consider the gauge coupling running in a six-dimensional SO(10) orbifold GUT model. The bulk gauge symmetry is broken down to the standard model gauge group with an extra U(1)_X by orbifold boundary conditions and the extra U(1)_X is further broken through the U(1)_{B-L} breaking with bulk hyper multiplets. We obtain the corrections of Kaluza-Klein massive modes to the running of the gauge couplings and discuss their implication to the successful gauge coupling unification.Comment: 10 pages, 2 figures, version to appear in Physics Letters

    Flattening the inflaton potential beyond minimal gravity

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    We review the status of the Starobinsky-like models for inflation beyond minimal gravity and discuss the unitarity problem due to the presence of a large non-minimal gravity coupling. We show that the induced gravity models allow for a self-consistent description of inflation and discuss the implications of the inflaton couplings to the Higgs field in the Standard Model.Comment: 5 pages, Prepared for the proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Gravitation, 3-7 July 201
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