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    A microscopic model for Josephson currents

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    A microscopic model of a Josephson junction between two superconducting plates is proposed and analysed. For this model, the nonequilibrium steady state of the total system is explicitly constructed and its properties are analysed. In particular, the Josephson current is rigorously computed as a function of the phase difference of the two plates and the typical properties of the Josephson current are recovered

    From research to farm : ex ante evaluation of strategic deworming in pig finishing

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    This paper upgrades generic and partial information from parasitological research for farm-specific decision support, using two methods from managerial sciences: partial budgeting and frontier analysis. The analysis focuses on strategic deworming in pig finishing and assesses both effects on economic performance and nutrient efficiency. The application of partial budgeting and frontier analysis is based on a production-theoretical system analysis which is necessary to integrate parasitological research results to assess aggregate economic and environmental impacts. Results show that both statistically significant and insignificant parasitological research results have to be taken into account. Partial budgeting and frontier analysis appear to be complementary methods: partial budgeting yields more discriminatory and communicative results, while frontier methods provide additional diagnostics through exploring optimization possibilities and economic-environmental trade-offs. Strategic deworming results in a win-win effect on economic and environmental performances. Gross margin increases with 3 to 12 € per average present finisher per year, depending on the cyclic pig price conditions. The impact on the nutrient balance ranges from +0.2 to –0.5 kg nitrogen per average present finisher per year. The observed efficiency improvements are mainly technical and further economic and environmental optimizations can be achieved through input re-allocation. A user-friendly spreadsheet is provided to translate the generic experimental information to farm-specific conditions

    Measuring delays for bicycles at signalized intersections using smartphone GPS tracking data

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    The article describes an application of global positioning system (GPS) tracking data (floating bike data) for measuring delays for cyclists at signalized intersections. For selected intersections, we used trip data collected by smartphone tracking to calculate the average delay for cyclists by interpolation between GPS locations before and after the intersection. The outcomes were proven to be stable for different strategies in selecting the GPS locations used for calculation, although GPS locations too close to the intersection tended to lead to an underestimation of the delay. Therefore, the sample frequency of the GPS tracking data is an important parameter to ensure that suitable GPS locations are available before and after the intersection. The calculated delays are realistic values, compared to the theoretically expected values, which are often applied because of the lack of observed data. For some of the analyzed intersections, however, the calculated delays lay outside of the expected range, possibly because the statistics assumed a random arrival rate of cyclists. This condition may not be met when, for example, bicycles arrive in platoons because of an upstream intersection. This justifies that GPS-based delays can form a valuable addition to the theoretically expected values

    BEC for a Coupled Two-type Hard Core Bosons Model

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    We study a solvable model of two types hard core Bose particles. A complete analysis is given of its equilibrium states including the proof of existence of Bose-Einstein condensation. The plasmon frequencies and the quantum normal modes corresponding to these frequencies are rigorously constructed. In particular we show a two-fold degeneracy of these frequencies. We show that all this results from spontaneous gauge symmetry breakdown
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