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    The Sound of Strongly Coupled Field Theories: Quasinormal Modes In AdS

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    The AdS/CFT correspondence has developed over the last years into a very useful and powerful tool for studying strongly coupled field theories at finite temperature and density. Of particular interest is the regime of near equilibrium real time evolution that can be captured via linear response theory. The AdS/CFT correspondence allows the calculation of retarded two point functions of gauge invariant operators by studying fluctuations around asymptotically AdS black holes. A major role is played by the poles of these holographic response functions: the quasinormal frequencies. I will review the applications of these ideas to the hydrodynamics of the strongly coupled quark gluon plasma and the holographic realization of strongly coupled superfluids.Comment: 16 pages, 8 figures, 1 cow, Contribution to Proceedings of ERE2011, v2: minor changes, refs adde

    Konishi Anomalies and Curves without Adjoints

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    Generalized Konishi anomaly relations in the chiral ring of N=1 supersymmetric gauge theories with unitary gauge group and chiral matter field in two-index tensor representations are derived. Contrary to previous investigations of related models we do not include matter multiplets in the adjoint representation. The corresponding curves turn out to be hyperelliptic. We also point out equivalences to models with orthogonal or symplectic gauge groups.Comment: 21 pages, v2: References added, misprints correcte

    The holographic Weyl semi-metal

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    We present a holographic model of a Weyl semi-metal. We show that upon varying a mass parameter the model undergoes a quantum phase transition from a topologically non-trivial state to a trivial one. The order parameter for this phase transition is the anomalous Hall effect (AHE). We give an interpretation of the results in terms of a holographic RG flow and compare to a weakly coupled field theoretical model. Since there are no quasiparticle excitations in the strongly coupled holographic model the topological phase can not be bound to notions of topology in momentum space.Comment: 5 pages, 5 figure

    Anomalous transport model with axial magnetic fields

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    The transport properties of massless fermions in spacetime dimension have been in the focus of recent theoretical and experimental research. New transport properties appear as consequences of chiral anomalies. The most prominent is the generation of a current in a magnetic field, the so-called chiral magnetic effect leading to an enhancement of the electric conductivity (negative magnetoresistivity). We study the analogous effect for axial magnetic fields that couple with opposite signs to fermions of different chirality. We emphasize local charge conservation and study the induced magneto-conductivities proportional to an electric field and a gradient in temperature. We find that the magnetoconductivity is enhanced whereas the magneto-thermoelectric conductivity is diminished. As a side result we interpret an anomalous contribution to the entropy current as a generalized thermal Hall effectThe research of K.L. has been supported by FPA2015-65480-P and by the Centro de Excelencia Severo Ochoa Programme under grant SEV-2012-0249 and SEV-2016-0597. The research of Y.L. has been supported by the Thousand Young Talents Program of China and grants ZG216S17A5 and KG12003301 from Beihang Universit

    Duality of Chiral N=1 Supersymmetric Gauge Theories via Branes

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    Using a six-orientifold on top of a NS-fivebrane we construct a chiral N=1 supersymmetric gauge theory in four dimensions with gauge group SU(N_c) and matter in the symmetric, antisymmetric and (anti)fundamental representations. Anomaly cancellation is fulfilled by the requirement of a smooth RR 7-form charge distribution and leads us to the introduction of 8 half D-sixbranes ending on the NS-fivebrane. We obtain the dual model from branes by a linking number argument. We check explicitly the 't Hooft anomaly matching conditions and the map between deformations in the original and the dual model.Comment: 16 pages, 2 figures, TeX, harvmac, table
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