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    A Renormalization Group for Dynamical Triangulations in Arbitrary Dimensions

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    A block spin renormalization group approach is proposed for the dynamical triangulation formulation of quantum gravity in arbitrary dimensions. Renormalization group flow diagrams are presented for the three-dimensional and four-dimensional theories near their respective transitions.Comment: 18 pages, 6 postscript figures, revte

    Remote fire stack igniter

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    An igniter is described mounted on a vent stack with an upper, flame cage near the top of the stack to ignite emissions from the stack. The igniter is a tube with a lower, open, flared end having a spark plug near the lower end and a solenoid-controlled valve which supplies propane fuel from a supply tank. Propane from the tank is supplied at the top under control of a second, solenoid-controlled valve. The valve controlling the lower supply is closed after ignition at the flame cage. The igniter is economical, practical, and highly reliable

    Remote control flare stack igniter for combustible gases

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    Device has been designed and developed for igniting nonrecoverable combustible gases and sustaining combustion of gases evolving from various gas vent stacks. Igniter is superior to existing systems because of simplicity of operation, low cost fabrication, installation, operational and maintainability features, and excellent reliability in all phases of required operations

    Techniques for Providing Outstanding Customer Service

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    Providing exceptional customer service should be one of the primary goals for all academic libraries. However, with the day- to- day interruptions, librarians sometimes forget all about customer service. By developing a Customer Service Task Force, Penfield Library has been able to develop a number of projects in the past two years to greatly improve its reputation. Such methods as surveys and small and large focus groups were conducted to determine what projects needed to be addressed. Tips and tricks to providing quality customer service in a small college/university library are also presented

    Superconductivity and Dirac Fermions in 112-phase Pnictides

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    This article reviews the status of current research on the 112-phase of pnictides. The 112-phase has gained augmented attention due to the recent discovery of high-temperature superconductivity in \cl with a maximum critical temperature \tc\sim 47\,K upon Sb substitution. The structural, magnetic, and electronic properties of \cl bear some similarities with other superconducting pnictide phases, however, the different valence states of the pnictogen and the presence of a metallic spacer layer are unique features of the 112-system. Low-temperature superconductivity which coexists with antiferromagnetic order was observed in transition metal (Ni, Pd) deficient 112-compounds like \cn, \lpb, \lps, \lns. Besides superconductivity, the presence of naturally occurring anisotropic Dirac Fermionic states were observed in the layered 112-compounds \smb, \cmb, \lab which are of significant interest for future nanoelectronics as an alternative to graphene. In these compounds, the linear energy dispersion resulted in a high magnetoresistance that stayed unsaturated even at the highest applied magnetic fields. Here, we describe various 112-type materials systems combining experimental results and theoretical predictions to stimulate further research on this less well-known member of the pnictide family.Comment: 18 pages, 20 figure
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