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    Faces of Change: Highlights of U.S. Department of Labor Efforts to Combat International Child Labor

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    ChildLaborFacesofChange.pdf: 1759 downloads, before Oct. 1, 2020

    Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao’s remarks before the 90th Session of the International Labor Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. June 11, 2002

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    Opening remarks by Secretary Elaine L. Chao given before the 90th Session of the International Labor Conference in Geneva, Switzlerland. Includes a discussion of a strategy called “compliance assistance” to make enforcement of labor laws more effective

    Faces of Change: Highlights of U.S. Department of Labor Efforts

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    This booklet presents in human terms the impact of US Department of Labor supported child labor initiatives

    “You Must Construct Additional Pylons”: Building a Better Framework for Esports Governance

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    The popularity of “esports,” also known as “electronic sports” or competitive video gaming, has exploded in recent years and captured the attention of cord-cutting millennials—often to the detriment of sports such as basketball, football, baseball, and hockey. In the United States, the commercial dominance of such traditional sports stems from decades of regulatory support. Consequently, while esports regulation is likely to emulate many aspects of traditional sports governance, the esports industry is fraught with challenges that inhibit sophisticated ownership and capital investment. Domestic regulation is complicated by underlying intellectual property ownership and ancillary considerations such as fluctuations in a video game’s popularity. Since analogous reform is nigh impossible, nascent governance organizations have been created to support the professionalization of esports as a new entertainment form. As esports consumption continues to grow, enterprising stakeholders are presented with the unique opportunity to create regulatory bodies that will shape the esports industry. This Note analyzes how the professional sports industry and foreign esports markets have addressed governance challenges that arise from differences between traditional sports and competitive video gaming. It concludes by exploring two potential pathways for domestic esports governance. View PD

    Bosonic Super Liouville System: Lax Pair and Solution

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    We study the bosonic super Liouville system which is a statistical transmutation of super Liouville system. Lax pair for the bosonic super Liouville system is constructed using prolongation method, ensuring the Lax integrability, and the solution to the equations of motion is also considered via Leznov-Saveliev analysis.Comment: LaTeX, no figures, 11 page

    U.S.-Mexico Joint Statement on Ministerial Consultations Under the North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation

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    U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao and Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare of Mexico, Carlos Carranza reaffirm their commitment to the effective enforcement of labor laws by their respective departments. The statement also discusses the responsibilities of both labor departments under the North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation

    Theoretical analysis of Wolter/LSM X-ray telescope systems

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    A ray tracing analysis has been performed for the spectral slicing zoom X-ray telescope for configurations in which a convex layered synthetic microstructure (LSM) optic is placed in front of the prime focus or a concave LSM optic is placed behind the prime focus. The analysis has considered the geometrical shape of the LSM optic to be either a hyperboloid, sphere, ellipsoid or constant optical path aspheric element for two configurations of the glancing incidence X-ray telescope: the ATM Experimental S-056 Wolter I system and the Stanford/MSFC Wolter-Schwarzchild nested system. For the different systems the RMS blur circle radii, the point spread function (PSF), the full width half maximum (FWHM) of the PSF have been evaluated as a function of field angle and magnification of the secondary to determine resolution of the system. The effects of decentration and tilt of the selected LSM element on the performance of the system have been studied to determine mounting and alignment tolerances

    Theoretical design and analysis of the layered synthetic microstructure optic for the dual path X-ray telescope

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    A ray tracing analysis was performed for several configurations for the inner channel of the dual path X-ray telescope, which is proposed to use the second mirror of the Stanford/MSFC Wolter-Schwarzchild telescope and a normal incident layered synthetic microstructure (LSM) mirror to form a secondary image near the front of the telescope. The LSM mirror shapes considered were spherical, ellipsoid, hyperboloid, and constant optical path length (OPL) aspheric. Only the constant OPL case gave good axial resolution. All cases had poor off axis resolution as judged by the RMS blur circle radius
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