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    Contemporary heritage practices are largely framed by official discourses rooted in definitions that overemphasize materiality. This thesis project aims to explore a more nuanced way of approaching heritage through the lens of critical heritage studies that posits heritage ultimately to be not primarily an object or site but rather about people and how people ‘use’ the past to help them address certain concerns in the present. The study focuses on grassroots activism around the Arkharly rock art site, revealing the motivations behind their participation and identifying factors that facilitated their success. This heritage movement was essentially a set of actions and practices through which people attempted to address current social issues in Kazakhstan to navigate change. The preservation movement itself was a practice of making meaning, which also fostered well-being, social bonding, and the creation of identities

    On the Perspective of Transfer of Omsk Thermal Power Plants to Combustion of Fired Coals

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    Отмечены существующие вопросы при сжигании казахстанского угля Экибастузского бассейна в омской энергосистеме. Обозначены экологические проблемы угольной генерации г. Омска. Рассмотрена возможность перевода омских угольных тепловых электрических станций на сжигание отечественных углей. Приведены варианты повышения эффективности использования твердого органического топлива в сфере производства электрической и тепловой энергии. Отмечена существующая проблема складирования золошлаковых отходов, полученных при сжигании высокозольных экибастузских углей. Рассмотрен перевод омских ТЭЦ на сжигание бурых углей Канско-Ачинского месторождения при условии использования высокоэффективных экологически безопасных технологий. Отмечено, что технология сжигания топлив в циркулирующем кипящем слое (ЦКС) промышленно освоена и реализована в энергетических котлах. Приведены результаты эксплуатации первого в России котла с ЦКС блока № 9 мощностью 330 МВт на Новочеркасской ГРЭСThe existing issues during the combustion of Kazakh coal from the Ekibastuz basin in the Omsk energy system are noted. The environmental problems of coal generation in Omsk are outlined. The possibility of transferring the Omsk coal-fired thermal power plants to the combustion of domestic coals is considered. The options for increasing the efficiency of using solid fossil fuel in the production of electric and thermal energy are given. The existing problem of storing ash and slag wastes obtained by burning high-ash Ekibastuz coals is noted. The transfer of the Omsk CHPPs to the combustion of brown coal from the Kansk-Achinsky deposit, provided that highly effective environmentally friendly technologies are used It is noted that the technology of combustion of fuels in a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) has been industrially developed and implemented in power boilers. The results of operation of the first in Russia CFB boiler of unit No. 9 with a capacity of 330 MW at the Novocherkasskaya SDPP are presente