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    Polymer Nanofoams

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    Computing Techniques for Two-Loop Corrections to Anomalous Magnetic Moments of Leptons

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    Two-loop electroweak corrections to the electron, muon, and tau lepton anomalous magnetic moments have been computed recently. Effects of hadronic contributions to the photon propagator in two-loop QED corrections have also been reanalysed. The common technique used in both calculations was asymptotic expansion of Feynman diagrams in the ratio of lepton mass to some heavy mass scale. In this talk we present some details of this method paying particular attention to the expansion of multi-scale diagrams.Comment: Updated Higher Order Hadronic Corrections. Talk given at the 5th International Workshop ``New Computing Techniques in Physics Research'', Lausanne, September 1996. 7 pages, late

    Looking beyond endotoxin: a comparative study of pyrogen retention by ultrafilters used for the preparation of sterile dialyis fluid

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    Sterile single-use ultrafilters are used in dialysis for the preparation of the substitution fluid given to patients undergoing dialysis treatments with high convective fluid removal. The retention of pyrogenic agents by the ultrafilters is crucial to avoiding inflammatory responses. The performance of a new single-use ultrafilter (NUF) with a positively charged flat sheet membrane of relatively small membrane area and large pore size was compared to a reference ultrafilter (RUF) with a hollow fiber membrane. Filter performance was tested with various pyrogen-contaminated dialysis fluids by direct pyrogen quantification and by measuring inflammatory responses in cell-based bioassays. The NUF completely retained oligodeoxynucleotides (ODN), whereas the RUF was fully permeable. Both filters tended to decrease biological activity of DNA in filtered bacterial lysates. The NUF reduced lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and LPS-induced biological activity by 100%, whereas the RUF produced filtrates with low but detectable levels of LPS in most cases. Peptidoglycans (PGN) were fully retained both by the NUF and the RUF. The new ultrafilter retained biologically active ODN, which has not yet been described for any other device used in dialysis, and it showed better or equal retention of LPS and PGN even with a smaller membrane surface and larger pore size

    Similarity Measurement of Biological Signals Using Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm

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    The problem of similarity measurement of biological signals is considered on this article. The dynamic time warping algorithm is used as a possible solution. A short overview of this algorithm and its modifications are given. Testing procedure for different modifications of DTW, which are based on artificial test signals, are presented

    Analog Computing for Molecular Dynamics

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    Modern analog computers are ideally suited to solving large systems of ordinary differential equations at high speed with low energy consumtion and limited accuracy. In this article, we survey N-body physics, applied to a simple water model inspired by force fields which are popular in molecular dynamics. We demonstrate a setup which simulate a single water molecule in time. To the best of our knowledge such a simulation has never been done on analog computers before. Important implementation aspects of the model, such as scaling, data range and circuit design, are highlighted. We also analyze the performance and compare the solution with a numerical approach.Comment: 9 pages, 9 figures, submitted to Emerging Topics in Computing, IEEE Tran
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