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    Maxwell-Bloch equation and Correlation function for penetrable Bose gas

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    We consider the quantum nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation in one space and one time dimension. We are interested in the non-free-fermionic case. We consider static temperature-dependent correlation functions. The determinant representation for correlation functions simplifies in the small mass limit of the Bose particle. In this limit we describe the correlation functions by the vacuum expectation value of a boson-valued solution for Maxwell-Bloch differential equation. We evaluate long-distance asymptotics of correlation functions in the small mass limit.Comment: LaTEX file, 20 pages, to appear J. Phys. A (1997

    Integral equations for the correlation functions of the quantum one-dimensional Bose gas

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    The large time and long distance behavior of the temperature correlation functions of the quantum one-dimensional Bose gas is considered. We obtain integral equations, which solutions describe the asymptotics. These equations are closely related to the thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz equations. In the low temperature limit the solutions of these equations are given in terms of observables of the model.Comment: 22 pages, Latex, no figure

    A nonlinear indentity for the scattering phase of integrable models

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    A nonlinear identity for the scattering phase of quantum integrable models is proved.Comment: 5 pages, Latex, no figure

    The New Identity for the Scattering Matrx of Exactly Solvable Models

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    We discovered a simple quadratic equation, which relates scattering phases of particles on Fermi surface. We consider one dimensional Bose gas and XXZ Heisenberg spin chain.Comment: 7 pages, Latex, no figure

    Six - Vertex Model with Domain wall boundary conditions. Variable inhomogeneities

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    We consider the six-vertex model with domain wall boundary conditions. We choose the inhomogeneities as solutions of the Bethe Ansatz equations. The Bethe Ansatz equations have many solutions, so we can consider a wide variety of inhomogeneities. For certain choices of the inhomogeneities we study arrow correlation functions on the horizontal line going through the centre. In particular we obtain a multiple integral representation for the emptiness formation probability that generalizes the known formul\ae for XXZ antiferromagnets.Comment: 12 pages, 1 figur

    Quantum Spin Chain, Toeplitz Determinants and Fisher-Hartwig Conjecture

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    We consider one-dimensional quantum spin chain, which is called XX model, XX0 model or isotropic XY model in a transverse magnetic field. We study the model on the infinite lattice at zero temperature. We are interested in the entropy of a subsystem [a block of L neighboring spins]. It describes entanglement of the block with the rest of the ground state. G. Vidal, J.I. Latorre, E. Rico, and A. Kitaev showed that for large blocks the entropy scales logarithmically. We prove the logarithmic formula for the leading term and calculate the next term. We discovered that the dependence on the magnetic field interacting with spins is very simple: the magnetic field effectively reduce the size of the subsystem. We also calculate entropy of a subsystem of a small size. We also evaluated Renyi and Tsallis entropies of the subsystem. We represented the entropy in terms of a Toeplitz determinant and calculated the asymptotic analytically.Comment: LATEX, 17 pages, 1 fi
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