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    Expansion rates at RHIC

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    A detailed description of the temporal evolution of the thermodynamic fields in heavy ion collisions is presented within a hydrodynamic framework. Particular attention is devoted to the evolution of the collective flow fields and their space-time gradients.Comment: Proceedings for the 19th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics, Breckenridge, Colorado, March 8-15, 2003, 6 page

    Emission angle dependent HBT at RHIC and beyond

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    We study the geometrical features of non-central heavy ion collisions throughout their dynamical evolution from equilibration to thermal freeze-out within a hydrodynamic picture. We discuss resulting observables, in particular the emission angle dependence of the HBT radii and the relation of these oscillations to the geometry at the final stage.Comment: 4 pages, 4 figures, proceedings for Quark Matter 200

    Momentum anisotropies in the quark coalescence model

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    Based on the quark coalescence model, we derive relations among the momentum anisotropies of mesons and baryons in relativistic heavy ion collisions from a given, but arbitrary azimuthal distribution for the partons. Besides the familiar even Fourier coefficients such as the elliptic flow, we also pay attention to odd Fourier coefficients such as the directed flow, which has been observed at finite rapidity even at RHIC energies.Comment: 5 page

    Anisotropic flow from AGS to LHC energies

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    Within hydrodynamics we study the effects of the initial spatial anisotropy in non-central heavy-ion collisions on the momentum distributions of the emitted hadrons. We show that the elliptic flow measured at midrapidity in 158 A GeV/c Pb+Pb collisions can be quantitatively reproduced by hydrodynamic expansion, indicating early thermalization in the collision. We predict the excitation functions of the 2nd and 4th harmonic flow coefficients from AGS to LHC energies and discuss their sensitivity to the quark-hadron phase transition.Comment: 5 pages ReVTeX, incl. 4 figures, subm. to Phys. Lett. B. Improved discussion of results and a few added reference

    FOR 210.01: Introductory Soils

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