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    Effects of flavor conserving CP violating phases in SUSY models

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    I summarize our recent works on the effects of flavor conserving CP violating phases in SUSY models on BB and KK phenomenology.Comment: Contributed alk at the 3rd International Conference on B Physics and CP Violation (BCONF99), Taipei, Taiwan, 3-7 Dec 1999 (4 pages

    SUSY CP violations in K and B systems

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    I report our recent works on the effects of % flavor conserving CP violating phases in SUSY models on B and K phenomenology.Comment: To appear in the proceeding of CICHEP 200

    Effective field theory for top physics

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    We study the top forward-backward asymmetry (FBA AFB\equiv A_{\rm FB}) reported by CDF and D0 Collaborations in the effective lagrangian approach. Using dimension-6 effective largrangians for qqˉttˉq \bar{q} \rightarrow t \bar{t}, we study the ttˉt\bar{t} production cross section and the AFBA_{\rm FB}, and a few observables: the FB spin-spin correlation that is strongly correlated with the AFBA_{\rm FB}, and longitudinal top polarization as a new probe of chiral structures for possible new physics scenarios.Comment: To appear in Top 2011 Proceeding (Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

    SU(2)L×_L\timesSU(2)R_R minimal dark matter with 2 TeV WW'

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    We construct the minimal dark matter models in the left-right symmetric extensions of the standard model (SM), where the gauge symmetry SU(3)C×_C\timesSU(2)L×_L\timesSU(2)R×_R\timesU(1)BL_{B-L} is broken into its subgroup SU(3)C×_C\timesU(1)em_{\rm em} by nonzero VEVs of a SU(2)R_R doublet HRH_R and a SU(2)L×_L\times SU(2)R_R bidoublet HH. A possible candidate of dark matter is explored in the framework of minimal dark matter considering SU(2)L,R_{L, R} multiplet scalar bosons and fermions. Then we focus on SU(2)R_R quintuplet fermions with BLB-L charges 0, 2 and 4 as the minimal dark matter candidates and investigate phenomenology of them. We show that the dark matter in the model can provide observed relic density with 2 TeV WW' boson which is motivated by the ATLAS diboson excess and CMS eejjeejj excess. The possible mass of dark matter is predicted for each BLB-L charge. We then estimate the scattering cross section of dark matter with nucleon and production cross section of charged components in the quintuplets at the LHC.Comment: 12 pages, 11 figures, version published in Phys. Lett.