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    Status of Diamond Detector Development for Beam Halo Investigation at ATF2

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    Work supported by Chinese Scholarship Council - THPME092, ISBN 978-3-95450-132-8International audienceWe are developing a diamond detector for beam halo and Compton spectrum diagnostics after the interaction point (IP) of ATF2, a low energy (1.3 GeV) prototype of the final focus system for ILC and CLIC linear collider projects. Tests of a 500 μm thick sCVD diamond detector with a dimension of 4.5 mm×4.5 mm have been carried out with radioactive sources and with electron beam from PHIL low energy (<10 MeV) photo-injector at LAL. The tests at PHIL were done with different beam intensities in air, just after the exit window at the end of the beam line, to test the response of the diamond detector and the readout electronics. We have successfully detected signals from single electrons, using a 40 dB amplifier, and from an electron beam of 108 electrons, using a 24 dB attenuator. A diamond sensor with 4 strips has been designed and fabricated for installation in the vacuum chambers of ATF2 and PHIL, with the aim to scan both the beam halo (with 2 strips of 1.5 mm×4 mm) and the beam core (with 2 strips of 0.1 mm×4 mm) transverse distributions