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    An Alternative Q Chart Incorporating A Robust Estimator Of Scale

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    In overcoming the shortcomings of the classical control charts in a short runs production, Quesenberry (1991 & 1995a – d) proposed Q charts for attributes and variables data. An approach to enhance the performance of a variable Q chart based on individual measurements using a robust estimator of scale is proposed. Monte carlo simulations are conducted to show that the proposed robust Q chart is superior to the present Q chart

    A Modified \u3cem\u3eX̄\u3c/em\u3e Control Chart for Samples Drawn from Finite Populations

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    The X̄ chart works well under the assumption of random sampling from infinite populations. However, many process monitoring scenarios may consist of random sampling from finite populations. A modified X̄ chart is proposed in this article to solve the problems encountered by the standard X̄ chart when samples are drawn from finite populations

    Vapor condensation on a turbulent liquid interface

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    An experimental investigation which seeks the fundamental relationship between the interfacial condensation rate and the parameters which control it when the liquid side is turbulent is discussed. The scaling laws for free-surface condensation are discussed for this case. It is argued that the condensation of cryogenic liquids can, in principle, be simulated in experiments using steam and water. Data are presented for the condensation rate in terms of the dimensionless scaling parameters which involve the fluid properties and the liquid-side turbulence velocity and length scales

    Pengiraan Persentil Taburan Panjang Larian bagi Carta Kawalan Purata Bergerak Berpemberat Eksponen Multivariat

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    Prabhu dan Runger (1997) telah mengemukakan cadangan dalam pemilihan parameter-parameter untuk skema carta kawalan purata bergerak berpemberat eksponen multivariat (MEWMA). Walau bagaimanapun, cadangan tersebut hanya berdasarkan prestasi panjang larian purata (average run length - ARL). Oleh itu, dalam makalah ini, kami akan mengira nilai-nilai persentil untuk taburan panjang larian bagi pelbagai skema carta kawalan MEWMA yang dikemukakan oleh Prabhu dan Runger (1997). Persentil-persentil yang dikira akan membekalkan maklumat tambahan seperti kekerapan isyarat luar kawalan palsu yang awal (early false out of control signals), panjang larian median (median run length - MRL) dan kepencongan taburan panjang larian untuk sesuatu skema tertentu. Maklumat-maklumat tambahan ini mungkin berguna dalam membekalkan jurutera kawalan mutu pengetahuan mendalam dan lengkap tentang sesuatu skema carta kawalan MEWMA yang dipilih berdasarkan cadangan Prabhu dan Runger (1997)

    A Robust Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Chart for the Process Mean

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    To date, numerous extensions of the exponentially weighted moving average, EWMA charts have been made. A new robust EWMA chart for the process mean is proposed. It enables easier detection of outliers and increase sensitivity to other forms of out-of-control situation when outliers are present

    Validation of the English and Chinese versions of the Quick-FLIC quality of life questionnaire.

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    A useful measure of quality of life should be easy and quick to complete. Recently, we reported the development and validation of a shortened Chinese version of the Functional Living Index-Cancer (FLIC), which we called the Quick-FLIC. In the present study of 327 English-speaking and 221 Chinese-speaking cancer patients, we validated the English version of the Quick-FLIC and further assessed the Chinese version. The 11 Quick-FLIC items were administered alongside the 11 remaining items of the full FLIC, but there appeared to be little context effect. Validity of the English version of the Quick-FLIC was attested by its strong correlation with two other measures of quality of life, and its ability to detect differences between patients with different performance status and treatment status (each P<0.001). Its internal consistency (alpha=0.86) and test-retest reliability (intraclass correlation=0.76) were also satisfactory. The measure was responsive to changes in performance status (P<0.001). The Chinese version showed similar characteristics. The Quick-FLIC behaved in ways that are highly comparable with the FLIC, even though the Quick-FLIC comprised only 11 items whereas the FLIC comprised 22. Further research is required to see whether the use of shorter instruments can improve data quality and response rates, but the fact that shorter instruments place less burden on the patients is itself inherently important

    DNA methylation of ESR-1 and N-33 in colorectal mucosa of patients with Ulcerative Colitis (UC)

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    Introduction: Epigenetic marking such as DNA methylation influence gene transcription and chromosomal stability and may also be affected by environmental exposures. Few studies exist on alteration in DNA methylation profiles (genomic and gene specific methylation) in patients with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and none assessing its relationship with lifestyle exposures. Aims & Methods: To assess genomic methylation and promoter methylation of the ESR-1 (oestrogen receptor - 1) and N-33 (tumour suppressor candidate-3) genes in the macroscopically normal mucosa of UC patients as well as to investigate effects of anthropometric and lifestyle exposures on DNA methylation. Sixty eight subjects were recruited (24 UC and 44 age and sex matched controls). Colorectal mucosal biopsies were obtained and DNA was extracted. Genomic DNA methylation was quantified using the tritium-labelled cytosine extension assay (3[H] dCTP) whilst gene specific methylation was quantified using the COBRA method. Results: The methylation level of both ESR-1 and N-33 genes were significantly higher in UC subjects compared with controls (7.9% vs 5.9%; p = 0.015 and 66% vs 9.3%; p < 0.001 respectively). There was no detectable difference in global DNA methylation between patients with UC and age and sex matched controls. No associations between indices of DNA methylation and anthropometric measures or smoking patterns were detected. Conclusions: For the first time, we have shown increased methylation in the promoter regions of the putative tumour suppressor gene N-33 in macroscopically normal mucosa of patients with UC. In addition, we have confirmed that methylation of ESR-1 promoter is higher in UC patients compared with age and sex matched controls. These findings suggests that, inactivation through methylation of the putative tumour suppressor genes N-33 and ESR-1, may not be associated with colorectal carcinogenesis in UC

    Optical supercavitation in soft-matter

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    We investigate theoretically, numerically and experimentally nonlinear optical waves in an absorbing out-of-equilibrium colloidal material at the gelification transition. At sufficiently high optical intensity, absorption is frustrated and light propagates into the medium. The process is mediated by the formation of a matter-shock wave due to optically induced thermodiffusion, and largely resembles the mechanism of hydrodynamical supercavitation, as it is accompanied by a dynamic phase-transition region between the beam and the absorbing material.Comment: 4 pages, 5 figures, revised version: corrected typos and reference