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    The non-neutral ionized chemical equilibrium subroutine

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    Non-neutral ionized chemical equilibrium subroutine for use with general viscous shock layer progra

    Aerotherm charring materials ablation computer program

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    Ablating-surface boundary conditions involve considerations of surface thermochemistry. Several programs may be used to provide surface thermochemistry information

    Aerotherm chemical equilibrium (ACE) computer program

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    Computer code was developed for calculating chemical quantities and qualities in equilibrium

    Thermochemical ablation of rocket nozzle insert materials Final report

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    Resistance of rocket nozzle throat insert materials to corrosion and meltin

    The views of parents concerning the planning of services for rehabilitation of families of children with congenital cardiac disease

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    Background and purpose: Although much previous research has focused on the medical aspects of congenital cardiac disease, there is a growing body of research which suggests that families may need help and support with the wider issues associated with the medical condition. We have previously ascertained from young people with congenital cardiac disease their views on this subject. The purpose of this study was to obtain the views of their parents about the need for, and shape of, services for rehabilitation. Methods: This was a qualitative study using semi-structured interviews. We interviewed 17 parents in their own home. Interviews were tape-recorded and transcribed. Results: Parents would welcome more help and support from health professionals to enable them to manage more effectively the condition with their children. Particular areas of concern relate to the information they receive about the condition; communication between themselves and health professionals; establishing safe levels of activity; and managing the condition at school. Conclusions: This is a small study of the experiences and views of parents, which provides some important information on ways in which health professionals. could address the current lack of services for rehabilitation

    Calculation of three-dimensional compressible laminar and turbulent boundary flows. Three-dimensional compressible boundary layers of reacting gases over realistic configurations

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    A three-dimensional boundary-layer code was developed for particular application to realistic hypersonic aircraft. It is very general and can be applied to a wide variety of boundary-layer flows. Laminar, transitional, and fully turbulent flows of compressible, reacting gases are efficiently calculated by use of the code. A body-oriented orthogonal coordinate system is used for the calculation and the user has complete freedom in specifying the coordinate system within the restrictions that one coordinate must be normal to the surface and the three coordinates must be mutually orthogonal

    Further studies of the coupled chemically reacting boundary layer and charring ablator. Part 1 - Summary Final report

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    Computer program development for charring ablative materials, chemically reacting laminar boundary layers, and turbulent boundary layer initiatio

    The potential therapeutic effects of creatine supplementation on body composition and muscle function in cancer

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    Low muscle mass in individuals with cancer has a profound impact on quality of life and independence and is associated with greater treatment toxicity and poorer prognosis. Exercise interventions are regularly being investigated as a means to ameliorate treatment-related adverse effects, and nutritional/supplementation strategies to augment adaptations to exercise are highly valuable. Creatine (Cr) is a naturally-occurring substance in the human body that plays a critical role in energy provision during muscle contraction. Given the beneficial effects of Cr supplementation on lean body mass, strength, and physical function in a variety of clinical populations, there is therapeutic potential in individuals with cancer at heightened risk for muscle loss. Here, we provide an overview of Cr physiology, summarize the evidence on the use of Cr supplementation in various aging/clinical populations, explore mechanisms of action, and provide perspectives on the potential therapeutic role of Cr in the exercise oncology setting

    Stereotype Threat and OC Symptomatology: The Impact of Messy vs. Clean Environments on Cognitive Test Performance

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    Stereotype threat has been researched in a variety of contexts such as African Americans’ intellect, older adults’ memory, and women’s performance in math. Despite this extensive research, little has been done in the domain of mental illness. This study examines whether stereotype threat can be induced in people high in obsessive compulsive (OC) symptoms. We hypothesized that, when given explicit information about their OC tendencies, individuals high in OC symptoms would perform less well on cognitive tests in a messy than a clean environment compared to those low in OC symptoms. Group testing sessions included a mix of college students high (n=25) and low (n=22) in OC symptomatology. The classroom and testing packets were either messy or clean. At the beginning of the session, participants were given confidential, accurate information about their OC tendencies before completing tests of concentration and immediate and delayed memory. Across the four tests, the High and Low OC groups performed similarly in a non-threat inducing clean environment. However, in a threat-inducing messy environment the High OC group showed a strong tendency to perform less well than the Low OC group on a test of auditory attention. Thus, our results suggest that individuals with OCD or related symptoms may be susceptible to stereotype threat, much like other vulnerable populations
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