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    Compact U(1)xU(1) Model with Minimal Interspecies Interaction

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    We introduce a minimally interacting pure gauge compact U(1)xU(1) model consistent with abelian projection symmetries. This paradigm, whose interactions are entirely due to compactness, illustrates how compactness can contribute to interspecies interactions. Furthermore, it has a much richer phase structure(including a magnetically confining phase) than obtained by naively tensoring together two compact U(1) copies.Comment: 1+10 pages, LSUHEP-1010-93, hep-lat/931100

    Demons and Abelian Projection QCD: Action and Crossover

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    I evaluate S_{APQCD}, the exact action of Abelian projection QCD, using the microcanonical demon method. Starting with a trial action consisting of L=1, L=2, & L=3 LxL plaquettes plus a Smit-van-der-Sijs magnetic monopole ``mass'' operator, I show that coefficients of the L=2 and L=3 plaquettes vanish at all beta_{SU2}. In fact, at strong coupling S_{APQCD} is essentially the 1x1 compact QED action with beta_{U1}=beta_{SU2}/2. Beyond beta_{SU2}>=2, S_{APQCD} gains an exogenous negative 1x1x1 magnetic monopole mass shift. Note that my approach differs fundamentally from the Smit-van-der-Sijs approach in that I do not make an a priori assumption about monopole or plaquette size in S_{APQCD}. Indeed, these results suggest that QCD monopoles are pointlike, in contrast to the ``effective'' condensation picture put forth by Smit and van der Sijs.Comment: to appear in Physics Letters B347 (1995) 367-37
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