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    Economic burden and health related quality of life for Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in Chin

    Posterior distributions of parameter estimates.

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    <p>Different colors correspond to different POLYMOD contact matrices. <b>A</b> Age-dependent parameters including IARs (first column), <i>ISP</i><sub>40</sub> (second), and age-specific susceptibility (third). <b>B</b> Other parameters including <i>R</i>(0), <i>T<sub>g</sub></i>, <i>ISP</i><sub>20</sub>, reduction in within-age-group mixing due to school closure (<i>¤Ç</i><sub>0</sub>, <i>¤Ç</i><sub>1</sub>, <i>¤Ç</i><sub>2</sub>), seed size, and scaling factor for FOI from Shenzhen (<i>╬Á<sub>SZ</sub></i>).</p