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    Distance Pedagogical Education in the Conditions of the Coronavirus

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    The relevance of the study is due to the problem of finding optimal solutions for organizing training sessions, the need to form the personality of a teacher in a difficult social and pedagogical situation. The leading research method is a pedagogical experiment on the organization of distance learning for students, the method of theoretical substantiation of the formation of the "Digital Educational Ecosystem" project, the method of practical implementation of the digital environment in work with educational organizations and schoolchildren. This article presents practical solutions for organizing training sessions, pedagogical practices, conducting state final certification through the use of interactive educational platforms, social networks, and instant messengers. An equally significant result of the study is the educational component of the formation of a future teacher in a difficult social situation

    Optical spectral observations of three binary millisecond pulsars

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    We present the results of optical spectroscopy of stellar companions to three binary millisecond pulsars, PSRs J0621++2514, J2317++1439 and J2302++4442, obtained with the Gran Telescopio Canarias. The spectrum of the J0621++2514 companion shows a blue continuum and prominent Balmer absorption lines. The latter are also resolved in the spectrum of the J2317++1439 companion, showing that both are DA-type white dwarfs. No spectral features are detected for the J2302++4442 companion, however, its broadband magnitudes and the spectral shape of the continuum emission imply that this is also a DA-type white dwarf. Based on the spectral analyses, we conclude that the companions of J0621++2514 and J2317++1439 are relatively hot, with effective temperatures TeffT_{\rm eff}==8600±\pm200 and 9600±\pm2000~K, respectively, while the J2302++4442 companion is significantly cooler, TeffT_{\rm eff}<<6000~K. We also estimated the distance to J0621++2514 of 1.1±\pm0.3 kpc and argue that its companion and the companion of J2317++1439 are He-core white dwarfs providing constraints on their cooling ages of ≲\lesssim2 Gyr.Comment: 9 pages, 8 figures. Paper accepted to MNRA
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