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    Statistical Spectroscopy for Neutron-rich sd-Shell Nuclei

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    Statistical spectroscopic results using the spectral distribution theory are obtained for the structure of neutron-rich light nuclei going towards the drip line and compared to experimental values available. These results will be useful for nuclear astrophysics problems where often averaged nuclear properties are adequate.Comment: 12 pages LaTeX, 4 postscript figure

    How degenerate can cosmological neutrinos be?

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    There are well-known bounds on light neutrino masses from cosmological energy density arguments. These arguments assume the neutrinos to be non-degenerate. We show how these bounds are affected if the neutrinos are degenerate. In this case, we obtain correlated bounds between neutrino mass and degeneracy.Comment: 5 pages, Latex, uses epsf.sty. (Some details added at the referee's request. One reference added.

    Accelerator, reactor and atmospheric neutrino data: a three flavour oscillation analysis

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    We perform a three flavour analysis of the atmospheric, accelerator and reactor neutrino data from the Kamiokande, LSND and Bugey experiments respectively. Choosing the values of Δm2{\Delta{m}}^2 obtained from two flavour fits of the first two experiments, the allowed ranges of the three generation mixing angles are determined. The accelerator experiments CHORUS and NOMAD are found to be most sensitive to regions of the allowed parameter space which correspond to genuine three generation solutions for the atmospheric neutrino anomaly.Comment: Latex, 13 pages, 2 figures available on reques
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