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    Stationary Solutions of Neutral Stochastic Partial Differential Equations with Delays in the Highest-Order Derivatives

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    In this work, we shall consider the existence and uniqueness of stationary solutions to stochastic partial functional differential equations with additive noise in which a neutral type of delay is explicitly presented. We are especially concerned about those delays appearing in both spatial and temporal derivative terms in which the coefficient operator under spatial variables may take the same form as the infinitesimal generator of the equation. We establish the stationary property of the neutral system under investigation by focusing on distributed delays. In the end, an illustrative example is analysed to explain the theory in this work

    A Schauder estimate for stochastic PDEs

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    Considering stochastic partial differential equations of parabolic type with random coefficients in vector-valued H\"older spaces, we obtain a sharp Schauder estimate. As an application, the existence and uniqueness of solution to the Cauchy problem is also proved.Comment: This is an abridged version. A full version is submitted separatel
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