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    CanvasGAN: A simple baseline for text to image generation by incrementally patching a canvas

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    We propose a new recurrent generative model for generating images from text captions while attending on specific parts of text captions. Our model creates images by incrementally adding patches on a "canvas" while attending on words from text caption at each timestep. Finally, the canvas is passed through an upscaling network to generate images. We also introduce a new method for generating visual-semantic sentence embeddings based on self-attention over text. We compare our model's generated images with those generated Reed et. al.'s model and show that our model is a stronger baseline for text to image generation tasks.Comment: CVC 201

    Gridless Two-dimensional DOA Estimation With L-shaped Array Based on the Cross-covariance Matrix

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    The atomic norm minimization (ANM) has been successfully incorporated into the two-dimensional (2-D) direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation problem for super-resolution. However, its computational workload might be unaffordable when the number of snapshots is large. In this paper, we propose two gridless methods for 2-D DOA estimation with L-shaped array based on the atomic norm to improve the computational efficiency. Firstly, by exploiting the cross-covariance matrix an ANM-based model has been proposed. We then prove that this model can be efficiently solved as a semi-definite programming (SDP). Secondly, a modified model has been presented to improve the estimation accuracy. It is shown that our proposed methods can be applied to both uniform and sparse L-shaped arrays and do not require any knowledge of the number of sources. Furthermore, since our methods greatly reduce the model size as compared to the conventional ANM method, and thus are much more efficient. Simulations results are provided to demonstrate the advantage of our methods