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    String Theory and Black Hole Complementarity

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    Is string theory relevant to the black hole information problem? This is an attempt to clarify some of the issues involved. Presented at Strings '95.Comment: 10 pages, LaTeX, 2 epsf figure

    The Black Hole Information Problem

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    The black hole information problem has been a challenge since Hawking's original 1975 paper. It led to the discovery of AdS/CFT, which gave a partial resolution of the paradox. However, recent developments, in particular the firewall puzzle, show that there is much that we do not understand. I review the black hole, Hawking radiation, and the Page curve, and the classic form of the paradox. I discuss AdS/CFT as a partial resolution. I then discuss black hole complementarity and its limitations, leading to many proposals for different kinds of `drama.' I conclude with some recent ideas.Comment: 45 pages. Presented at the 2014-15 Jerusalem Winter School and the 2015 TAS
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