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    Representative Micron III Images with Micrographs of conventional Histopathological preparations.

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    <p>Colour fundus photo (A) and fluorescein angiogram (B) of a Brown Norway rat exhibiting 4 choroidal neovascular lesions generated by rupture of the Bruch’s membrane by laser. Fluorescein angiogram (B) taken at 10.2 seconds post intravenous injection, corresponding to peak CNV fluorescence. Corresponding choroidal flatmount image (C) of the same eye taken at 2 weeks post laser stained with Isolectin-IB4 conjugated with Alexa Fluor 488. *Scale bar represents 500μm and is applicable to Fig 3C only. Representative micrograph of haematoxylin and eosin stained section of (D) Chorio-Retinal Burn at 3 weeks post laser (E) Retina without laser treatment (F) CNV lesion at 3 weeks post laser (D) Classical fusiform shaped sub retinal neovascular lesions are observed in both treatment groups confirming CNV formation by Bruch’s Membrane rupture by laser. *Scale bar represents 100μm and is applicable to Fig 3D, 3E and 3F only. *(Vitr = Vitreous, GCL = Ganglion Cell Layer, IPL = Inner Plexiform Layer, INL = Inner Nuclear Layer, OPL = Outer Plexiform Layer, ONL = Outer Nuclear Layer, IS = Inner Segment, OS = Outer Segment, RPE = Retinal Pigment Epithelium, Chor. = Choroid)</p

    Fluorescein Administration Route CNV Intensity Comparison.

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    <p>CNV intensity analysis of unprocessed FFA images with fluorescein administration by intravenous (IV) and intraperitoneal (IP) injection. Each time point represents the mean grey value ± SD (n = 4). FFA images with IP fluorescein were taken at 1 frame/second for 120, and 1 frame/5 seconds thereafter up to 10 minutes post injection. IV fluorescein angiograms were taken at 30 frames/second for 120 seconds. Intensity data from 130–470 seconds not shown.</p

    Illustration of area and intensity assessment of CNV lesions in FFA and choroidal flatmount images including corresponding colour Ffundus and unmodified FFA.

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    <p>(A-C): Colour fundus, FFA and representative hyperfluorescent CNV lesion analysis by freehand selection tool in ImageJ under digital magnification of the green channel from a FFA image produced by the Micron III system. Native background fluorescence intensity avoiding choroidal vessels was measured within a defined annulus (green) around the lesion. (D-F): Corresponding images of lesion analysis for chorio-retinal burn. (G): Representative CNV lesion analysis by freehand selection tool in ImageJ of Isolectin GS-IB4-AF488 stained choroidal flatmount. *Note scale bar applicable to Fig 1G only.</p

    Appearance and peak fluorescent intensity times post injection via alternate fluorescein administration routes.

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    <p>Note: Values represent average fluorescein appearance time/peak intensity in seconds ± standard deviation.</p><p>Appearance and peak fluorescent intensity times post injection via alternate fluorescein administration routes.</p