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    The Structure of Qubit Unextendible Product Bases

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    Unextendible product bases have been shown to have many important uses in quantum information theory, particularly in the qubit case. However, very little is known about their mathematical structure beyond three qubits. We present several new results about qubit unextendible product bases, including a complete characterization of all four-qubit unextendible product bases, which we show there are exactly 1446 of. We also show that there exist p-qubit UPBs of almost all sizes less than 2p2^p.Comment: 20 pages, 3 tables, 7 figure

    The Minimum Size of Unextendible Product Bases in the Bipartite Case (and Some Multipartite Cases)

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    A long-standing open question asks for the minimum number of vectors needed to form an unextendible product basis in a given bipartite or multipartite Hilbert space. A partial solution was found by Alon and Lovasz in 2001, but since then only a few other cases have been solved. We solve all remaining bipartite cases, as well as a large family of multipartite cases.Comment: 17 pages, 4 figure

    Generalized Multiplicative Domains and Quantum Error Correction

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    Given a completely positive map, we introduce a set of algebras that we refer to as its generalized multiplicative domains. These algebras are generalizations of the traditional multiplicative domain of a completely positive map and we derive a characterization of them in the unital, trace-preserving case, in other words the case of unital quantum channels, that extends Choi's characterization of the multiplicative domains of unital maps. We also derive a characterization that is in the same flavour as a well-known characterization of bimodules, and we use these algebras to provide a new representation-theoretic description of quantum error-correcting codes that extends previous results for unitarily-correctable codes, noiseless subsystems and decoherence-free subspaces.Comment: 14 page
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