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    What Forms of Mentoring Programs are Available at Other Big Companies?

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    A well-structured formal mentoring program helps to build loyalty among new employees, provides an opportunity for employees to test their skills and challenge themselves, and mentors could gain greater confidence and have a sense of greater job security and job satisfaction as well. Especially during the transitional period, whether it’s for a company or for individual person, mentoring could ease the uncertainty associated with change

    Are There Any Best Practices for Developing Gen Y/Young Professionals?

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    According to U.S. Census Data, each year 1 million Millennials enter the workforce; nearly 40 percent of the U.S. workforce will be Millennials by 2020. Characterized as remarkably different from Baby Boomers, Gen Y is facing many challenges when it comes to leadership roles. Gen Y leaders are expected to refocus organizations as global forces, develop cultural intelligence, develop strategic thinking and decision-making intelligence, and nurture long-term collaboration.2 Development programs specifically designed for Millennials are necessary to fill the gaps, and are powerful tools for attracting and retaining top young professionals