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    What are the Best Practices to Assess Leadership Effectiveness?

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    [Excerpt] Great leadership makes employees devote more energy to their job and yield good performances. Since leadership is vital to managing an organization, all organizations always need to assess how well leaders exercise that leadership over their subordinates. However, assessing leadership effectiveness is often a difficult exercise for many organizations, because of potential backlash from giving negative feedback to leaders. In addition, most assessment procedures are not based on standards and the items on which a leader is assessed are undefined or poorly defined. There is no perfect instrument for assessment. So, we will focus on how best to assess leadership effectiveness by using current assessment instruments wisely

    How Can Learning & Development be Applied to Support Employees\u27 Changing Career Paths?

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    Employees change their career path for reasons such as passion, opportunities, and interests. Companies need to prepare to support this career transition in order to improve the efficiency of the organizations. One of the most effective ways to support this transition is through learning and development. This year\u27s Global Human Capital Trends survey shows that more than 85 percent of respondents cited learning as important or very important. Yet, more companies than ever report that they are unprepared to meet this challenge [1]. To close gaps between career transition needs and lack of preparation in organizations, HR professionals and learning specialists are being asked to offer better learning platforms and products that meet new expectations of employees for on-demand learning opportunities

    A Review on Selenium-enriched Green Tea: Fortification Methods, Biological Activities and Application Prospect

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    Selenium (Se) has been recognized as an essential nutrient for humans. Plant foods are the predominant source of selenium and majority of dietary selenium is absorbed depending on the type of food consumed. Nowadays, green tea is becoming increasingly popular for its prominent health benefits, including the ability to supplement selenium in organically bound, natural food form. The selenium content of Se-enriched green tea is influenced by the selenium level of local soils in which it is grown. However, selenium content of plants can also be improved by artificial fortification methods. In this review, the chemical speciation and biological functions of selenium, fortification methods, biological activities and nutraceutical applications of Se-enriched green tea are discussed. This review provides insights into the current research and the importance of Se-enriched green tea in the enrichment of human nutrition and health

    Restructuring TCAD System: Teaching Traditional TCAD New Tricks

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    Traditional TCAD simulation has succeeded in predicting and optimizing the device performance; however, it still faces a massive challenge - a high computational cost. There have been many attempts to replace TCAD with deep learning, but it has not yet been completely replaced. This paper presents a novel algorithm restructuring the traditional TCAD system. The proposed algorithm predicts three-dimensional (3-D) TCAD simulation in real-time while capturing a variance, enables deep learning and TCAD to complement each other, and fully resolves convergence errors.Comment: In Proceedings of 2021 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM

    Magnetic droplet nucleation with homochiral Neel domain wall

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    We investigate the effect of the Dzyaloshinskii Moriya interaction (DMI) on magnetic domain nucleation in a ferromagnetic thin film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. We propose an extended droplet model to determine the nucleation field as a function of the in-plane field. The model can explain the experimentally observed nucleation in a CoNi microstrip with the interfacial DMI. The results are also reproduced by micromagnetic simulation based on the string model. The electrical measurement method proposed in this study can be widely used to quantitatively determine the DMI energy density