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    Logic motif of combinatorial control in transcriptional networks

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    Combinatorial control is prevalent in transcriptional regulatory networks. However, whether there are specific logic patterns over- or under-represented in real networks remains uninvestigated. Using a theoretic model and _in-silico_ simulations, we systematically study how the relative abundance of distinct regulatory logic patterns influences the network’s global dynamics. We find that global dynamic characteristics are sensitive to several specific logic patterns regardless of the detailed network topology. We show it is possible to infer logic motifs based on the sensitivity profile and the biological interpretations of these global characteristics

    Variable speed limits: conceptual design for Queensland practice

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    Variable Speed Limits (VSL) is an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) control tool which can enhance traffic safety and which has the potential to contribute to traffic efficiency. Queensland's motorways experience a large volume of commuter traffic in peak periods, leading to heavy recurrent congestion and a high frequency of incidents. Consequently, Queensland's Department of Transport and Main Roads have considered deploying VSL to improve safety and efficiency. This paper identifies three types of VSL and three applicable conditions for activating VSL on for Queensland motorways: high flow, queuing and adverse weather. The design objectives and methodology for each condition are analysed, and micro-simulation results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of VSL