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    Picturing Teacher Agency: Developing Upstanding Heuristics in a Middle Grades Social Studies Methods Course

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    This paper presents a multi-case study of teacher candidates in a pre-service middle grades social studies methods course. The research aimed to understand how the middle grades teacher candidates viewed their future as upstanders with agency in middle grades settings. The focus of the research was on heuristic representations that the teacher candidates created to illustrate how they understood their role in supporting the democratic aims of middle grades social studies. Qualitative data was collected and analyzed through chordal triad of agency theory (Emirbayer & Mische, 1998). The findings indicate that preservice teachers best understand their future as change agents through their role of curriculum and instruction and their impact on students, additionally their conceptualizations of their intended agency were influenced by their past and present experiences as well as their projected goals for the future. This research also suggests that heuristics may be a powerful tool in the preparation of teacher candidates, helping them to think through their role in supporting the democratic aims of social studies, middle grades education and social justice education. Important constraints about teacher candidates’ perceptions (or lack thereof) of oppressive structures within middle schools settings are considered

    Discrimination vs. Acceptance of Homosexuality at Valparaiso University

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    Views of homosexuality have been a major issue for many years and still are to this day. As stated in the Declaration of Independence, all citizens should be granted equal rights and respect. However, many still are struggling to offer their acceptance to those of diverse populations, especially to those who identify themselves as members of the GLBTQ community. This lack of equality has escalated to a nation full of discriminating views, attitudes, and stereotypes. While all ages have portrayed negative attitudes towards members of the GLBTQ population, it is most visually prevalent among students at college campuses. Because of the prevalence in college, this study was targeted towards students of both heterosexual and homosexual orientation at Valparaiso University. The study was generated in order to obtain varying perspectives on the topic of homosexuality. With the knowledge gleaned, results were expected that there is not an overall acceptance of the homosexual population as there is for the heterosexual population on the Valparaiso University campus. With or without an overall accepting population, it is imperative that the homosexual community be treated with integrity and respect

    In Any Language: Improving the Quality and Availability of Language Services in Hospitals

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    Showcases initiatives and interventions implemented in ten hospitals participating in RWJF's Speaking Together initiative to measure and enhance language services delivery. Discusses factors for success, strategies for improvement, and lessons learned

    Feminism in philosophy of language: communicative speech acts

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    Book synopsis: The thirteen specially-commissioned essays in this volume are written by philosophers at the forefront of feminist scholarship, and are designed to provide an accessible and stimulating guide to a philosophical literature that has seen massive expansion in recent years. Ranging from history of philosophy through metaphysics to philosophy of science, they encompass all the core subject areas commonly taught in anglophone undergraduate and graduate philosophy courses, offering both an overview of and a contribution to the relevant debates. Together they testify to the intellectual value of feminism as a radicalizing energy internal to philosophical inquiry. This volume will be essential reading for any student or teacher of philosophy who is curious about the place of feminism in their subject

    Qualitative evaluation of Fit Kids and Exercise Referral staying healthy projects

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    There is considerable research on the short term effects of physical activity programmes such as exercise referral, but less is know about long term impact. This qualitative review of Exercise Referral and Fit Kids programmes within Lincolnshire uncovers the long term impact of being part of physical activity interventions, the barriers and enablers to participation

    Heegaard genus formula for Haken manifolds

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    Given a 3-manifold M containing an incompressible surface Q, we obtain an inequality relating the Heegaard genus of M and the Heegaard genera of the components of M - Q. Here the sum of the genera of the components of M - Q is bounded above by a linear expression in terms of the genus of M, the Euler characteristic of Q and the number of parallelism classes of essential annuli for which representatives can be simultaneously imbedded in the components of M - Q.Comment: 21 pages, 17 figure
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