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    Confinement from Center Vortices: A review of old and new results

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    I briefly review the numerical evidence, some old and some quite recent, in favor of the center vortex theory of confinement.Comment: Invited talk at the Confinement 12 meeting, Thessaloniki, Greece, Aug. 2016. 12 pages, 8 figure

    Scaling properties of Wilson loops pierced by P-vortices

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    P-vortices, in an SU(N) lattice gauge theory, are excitations on the center-projected Z(N) lattice. We study the ratio of expectation values of SU(2) Wilson loops, on the unprojected lattice, linked to a single P-vortex, to that of Wilson loops which are not linked to any P-vortices. When these ratios are plotted versus loop area in physical units, for a range of lattice couplings, it is found that the points fall approximately on a single curve, consistent with scaling. We also find that the ratios are rather insensitive to the point where the minimal area of the loop is pierced by the P-vortex.Comment: 4 pages, 4 figure