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    Using market incentives to reform bank regulation and federal deposit insurance

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    A presentation of the case for adopting market-oriented reforms to our bank regulatory and federal deposit insurance systems.Deposit insurance ; Bank supervision

    The cost of buying time: lessons from the thrift debacle

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    An argument that capital forbearance for thrifts in the 1980s was at best a misguided policy whose costs will have long-term consequences for the health of both the nation's depositories and the overall economy.Savings and loan associations

    Errors in recorded security prices and the turn-of-the year effect

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    A study that concludes recorded security price errors are potential sources of misspecification in joint tests of the capital asset pricing model and market efficiency.Stock - Prices

    FSLIC forbearances to stockholders and the value of savings and loan shares

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    An investigation of the value of FSLIC forbearances to the stockholders of insolvent stock-chartered thrift institutions, concluding that these forbearances increase the stock-market value of thrift institutions.Stocks ; Savings and loan associations ; Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation

    PSAF, economic capital, and the new Basel Accord

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    The 1980 Monetary Control Act requires Reserve Banks to recover their costs of providing payments services over time, including a normal return on capital-that is, the same after-tax return on equity that a private firm would require. To date, this private-sector adjustment factor has been estimated and applied as a single hurdle rate for all Reserve Bank payments services. Capital budgeting theory suggests that firms should use a different hurdle rate for each distinct type of activity according to its risks. For Reserve Bank payments services, this might entail estimating separate private-sector adjustment factors for paper-based services and for electronic services. Alternatively, a single hurdle rate of capital could be used for all services if capital were allocated to each service according to its risk.Bank capital ; Banks and banking - Accounting

    The use of market information in pricing deposit insurance

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    An argument that information about the value of the deposit-insurance guarantee is available from market-generated data.Deposit insurance

    Using financial data to identify changes in bank condition

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    An empirical study using an early-warning bank failure prediction model and call-report data to predict deterioration in a bank's condition.Bank supervision ; Bank failures
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