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    Chevalier Jackson, M.D. (1865-1958): Il ne se repose jamais.

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    In the final year of the American Civil War, 1865, Chevalier Jackson was born on the 4th of November just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The eldest of three sons of a poor, livestock-raising family, Jackson was raised in a period of social and political unrest. He was perhaps an even more unrestful boy. The description of his childhood days from his father’s father—Il ne se repose jamais, ‘‘He never rests’’—would ultimately reflect the man, doctor, and evangelist Jackson would later become.1 Indeed, he never did rest, Jackson would tirelessly pave the way for modern bronchoscopy and endoscopy as a whole; bringing international renown not only to himself, but also to his specialty

    A Checklist of Illinois Centipedes (Chilopoda): Supplement

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    (excerpt) Order SCOLOPENDROMORPHA Family CRYFTOPIDAE Subfamily CRYFTOPINAE Cryptops hyalinus Say 1821. (Fig. 2). B (Cook; Auerbach [1951]), C (Champaign) F (Hardin, Jackson, Johnson, Pope, Saline, Williamson), G (Jackson, Jefferson, Perry, Williamson), H (Clark), I (Randolph, Union), J (Alexander)

    National Newspaper Analysis of the Press Coverage of Jesse Jackson\u27s 1984 Presidential Campaign: The Confirmation of the Candidate

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    Jesse Jackson\u27s 1984 and 1988 presidential campaigns have motivated thousands of citizens throughout America to take a more active role in politics. The 1984 campaign witnessed many previously unregistered Americans actively participating in Jackson\u27s call to join the Rainbow Coalition. Four years later, Jackson once again hit a responsive chord within the American electorate, broadening his support base in his second run for the White House. His vibrant campaigns presented challenges not only to the American system of government, but also to accepted journalistic traditions in campaign reporting. Specifically, the dilemma has been a difficult one for journalists responsible for campaign coverage. How much coverage should a reporter give to Jesse Jackson\u27s campaign? Should he be treated like an Alan Cranston or Gary Hart in 1984, or a Paul Simon or Albert Gore in 1988? Or does the historical impact of his being the first black candidate to make a serious bid for the presidency warrant a different approach to press coverage? Highlighting this dilemma in the 1984 campaign, Dates and Gandy note: Jackson\u27s candidacy was a challenge for the press because on the one hand journalistic traditions would dictate that the ideological orientation of the media organization would constrain its coverage to be consistent with longstanding editorial practice.[1

    Feynman-Jackson integrals

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    We introduce perturbative Feynman integrals in the context of q-calculus generalizing the Gaussian q-integrals introduced by Diaz and Teruel. We provide analytic as well as combinatorial interpretations for the Feynman-Jackson integrals.Comment: Final versio

    From the Ashes of Glory: The Rise and Fall of Jackson Ward

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    This paper uses primary and secondary research to analyze the political, economic, and social factors that created Jackson Ward as a separate, alternative space for black Richmonders. In addition, this paper analyzes the key institutions that made up Jackson Ward as well as the reasons surrounding its decline following desegregation

    Three Poems

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    Poetry by Renée Jackson-Harpe
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