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    Calculation of Radiative Corrections to E1 matrix elements in the Neutral Alkalis

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    Radiative corrections to E1 matrix elements for ns-np transitions in the alkali metal atoms lithium through francium are evaluated. They are found to be small for the lighter alkalis but significantly larger for the heavier alkalis, and in the case of cesium much larger than the experimental accuracy. The relation of the matrix element calculation to a recent decay rate calculation for hydrogenic ions is discussed, and application of the method to parity nonconservation in cesium is described

    Relativistic corrections of m\alpha^6 order to the ro-vibrational spectrum of H_2^+ and HD^+ molecular ions

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    The major goal of the high-precision studies of ro-vibrational states in the hydrogen molecular ions is to provide an alternative way for improving the electron-to-proton mass ratio, or the atomic mass of electron. By now the complete set of relativistic and radiative corrections have been obtained for a wide range of ro-vibrational states of H_2^+ and HD^+ up to order R_\infty\alpha^4. In this work we complete calculations of various contributions to the R_\infty\alpha^4 order by computing the relativistic corrections to the binding energy of electron.Comment: 4 pages, 1 figur

    Hyperfine structure of S states in Li and Be^+

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    A large-scale configuration-interaction (CI) calculation is reported for the hyperfine splitting of the 2^2S and 3^2S states of ^7Li and ^9Be^+. The CI calculation based on the Dirac-Coulomb-Breit Hamiltonian is supplemented with a separate treatment of the QED, nuclear-size, nuclear-magnetization distribution, and recoil corrections. The nonrelativistic limit of the CI results is in excellent agreement with variational calculations. The theoretical values obtained for the hyperfine splitting are complete to the relative order of \alpha^2 and improve upon results of previous studies.Comment: 4 pages, 2 table

    Vacuum polarization calculations for hydrogenlike and alkalilike ions

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    Complete vacuum polarization calculations incorporating finite nuclear size are presented for hydrogenic ions with principal quantum numbers n=1-5. Lithiumlike, sodiumlike, and copperlike ions are also treated starting with Kohn-Sham potentials, and including first-order screening corrections. In both cases dominant Uehling terms are calculated with high accuracy, and smaller Wichmann- Kroll terms are obtained using numerical electron Green's functions.Comment: 23 pages, 1 figur

    Self-energy values for P states in hydrogen and low-Z hydrogenlike ions

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    We describe a nonperturbative (in Zalpha) numerical evaluation of the one-photon electron self energy for 3P_{1/2}, 3P_{3/2}, 4P_{1/2} and 4P_{3/2} states in hydrogenlike atomic systems with charge numbers Z=1 to 5. The numerical results are found to be in agreement with known terms in the expansion of the self energy in powers of Zalpha and lead to improved theoretical predictions for the self-energy shift of these states.Comment: 3 pages, RevTe

    Radiative Corrections to One-Photon Decays of Hydrogenic Ions

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    Radiative corrections to the decay rate of n=2 states of hydrogenic ions are calculated. The transitions considered are the M1 decay of the 2s state to the ground state and the E1(M2) decays of the 2p1/22p_{1/2} and 2p3/22p_{3/2} states to the ground state. The radiative corrections start in order α(Zα)2\alpha (Z \alpha)^2, but the method used sums all orders of ZαZ\alpha. The leading α(Zα)2\alpha (Z\alpha)^2 correction for the E1 decays is calculated and compared with the exact result. The extension of the calculational method to parity nonconserving transitions in neutral atoms is discussed.Comment: 22 pages, 2 figure
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