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    U(3) and Pseudo-U(3) Symmetry of the Relativistic Harmonic Oscillator

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    We show that a Dirac Hamiltonian with equal scalar and vector harmonic oscillator potentials has not only a spin symmetry but an U(3) symmetry and that a Dirac Hamiltonian with scalar and vector harmonic oscillator potentials equal in magnitude but opposite in sign has not only a pseudospin symmetry but a pseudo-U(3) symmetry. We derive the generators of the symmetry for each case.Comment: 8 pages, 0 figures, pusblished in Physical Review Letters 95, 252501 (2005

    Multipartite Entangled Spatial Modes of Ultracold Atoms Generated and Controlled by Quantum Measurement

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    We show that the effect of measurement back-action results in the generation of multiple many-body spatial modes of ultracold atoms trapped in an optical lattice, when scattered light is detected. The multipartite mode entanglement properties and their nontrivial spatial overlap can be varied by tuning the optical geometry in a single setup. This can be used to engineer quantum states and dynamics of matter fields. We provide examples of multimode generalizations of parametric down-conversion, Dicke, and other states, investigate the entanglement properties of such states, and show how they can be transformed into a class of generalized squeezed states. Further, we propose how these modes can be used to detect and measure entanglement in quantum gases.Comment: 6 Pages, 3 Figures, Supplemental Material include