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    Astrophysical constraints on superlight gravitinos

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    I review the constraints on the mass of gravitinos that follow from considerations on energy loss in stars and from Big Bang Nucleosynthesis arguments.Comment: Invited talk at the 5th Workshop on High Energy Physics Phenomenology(WHEPP-5), Pune, India, 12-26 January 199

    Production of light pseudoscalars in external electromagnetic fields by the Schwinger mechanism

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    We generalize the Schwinger mechanism and calculate the probability of the decay of intense electromagnetic fields to pseudoscalar particles. We also point out that our estimate for axion emission in a previous paper was incorrect.Comment: 25 pages including 9 figures. Version that matches published versio

    Gravitinos from Gravitational Collapse

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    We reanalyse the limits on the gravitino mass m3/2m_{3/2} in superlight gravitino scenarios derived from arguments on energy-loss during gravitational collapse. We conclude that the mass range 106eVm3/22.3105eV10^{-6}eV\leq m_{3/2}\leq2.3\times10^{-5}eV is excluded by SN1987A data. In terms of the scale of supersymmetry breaking \Lambda, the range 70GeV300GeV70GeV\leq\Lambda \leq 300GeV is not allowed.Comment: 6 pages, latex, no figures. Numerical typo correcte