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    La Pianificazione in zone di conflitto: il caso di Gerico nei Territori Palestinesi occupati

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    In the Israeli-Palestinian context there is an intricate territorial conflict based on two different and contrasting narratives of historical, cultural and religious belonging. In this clash, it is the state of Israel that holds power and exercises it through spatial, politicaladministrative and economic control over the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Since 1948 a continuous process of contraction of Palestinian Territories (PT) has been initiated, this by means of targeted policies such as the incessant construction of Israeli settlements, the declaration of military zones and the construction of by Pass roads etc. The research explores and analyzes the role that planning has played in the process of colonization of the PT, using planning techniques to achieve political objectives, by making the strong part prevails against the weaker one. Thus, this thesis aims, from one hand to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of planning system used by the Palestinian National Authority in areas of its sovereignty: it is done through the use of analytical and comparative methodology to study the planning system in the PT and its historical development and the descriptive method of the impacts of Israeli policy on Palestinian cities. From the other hand, by using the city of Jericho as a case study, the thesis elaborates the research issues and advices for better planning and management of the PT based on future scenarios of the political situation


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    La tesi tratta lo studio di vulnerabilità sismica di scuole in Rosignano Marittimo(Li)tramite schede di secondo livello, e poi viene analizzata la sicurezza statica e sismica delle scuole medie "Fattori". la tesi è composta da 4 capitoli come segue: nel primo capitolo si effettua uno studio di vulnerabilità sismica di 12 scuole in rosignano marittimo tramite schede di secondo livello; nel secondo capitolo viene fatta una descrizione generale dell'edificio scolastico delle scuole medie "Fattori" nel terzo capitolo viene analizza la sicurezza statica e sismica dell'edificio nel suo stato di fatto; nel quarto capitolo viene fatta ed analizzata una proposta di miglioramento sismico