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    Recently, there have been frequent incidents of people pointing guns at people in the area. This will certainly disturb the peace of the community. Actions of mass violence are of course something that is common among the community, students, university students and also youth. The aim of this research is to examine the regulations regarding the use of firearms in positive law in Indonesia and analyze police efforts in tackling the misuse of firearms by civil society. It is hoped that this research will increase knowledge regarding police efforts to tackle the misuse of firearms by civilians and can also explain the police's obstacles in enforcing the law in cases of misuse of firearms by civilians. Legal provisions regarding the misuse of firearms have been regulated in the RI Emergency Law No. 12 of 1951 concerning ownership of firearms, Law No. 2 concerning control of explosives, and Law No. 8 of 1948 concerning the provision of weapons. firearms permit. In this case, the police's efforts to tackle the use of illegal firearms by civil society have been quite successful by implementing pre-emptive, preventive and repressive measures

    Changes in residential land prices: metropolitan Adelaide, 1970-84

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    Thesis (M.A) -- University of Adelaide, Dept. of Geography, 198

    Patients’ and emergency clinicians’ perceptions of improving pre-hospital pain management: a qualitative study

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    Background: The authors aimed to investigate patients' and practitioners' views and experiences of pre-hospital pain management to inform improvements in care and a patient-centred approach to treatment. Methods: This was a qualitative study involving a single emergency medical system. Data were gathered through focus groups and semi-structured interviews. Participants were purposively sampled from patients transported by ambulance to hospital with a painful condition during the past 6 months, ambulance service and emergency department (ED) clinicians. Interviews were audiotaped, transcribed and thematic analysis was conducted. Results: 55 participants were interviewed: 17 patients, 25 ambulance clinicians and 13 ED clinicians. Key themes included: (1) consider beliefs of patients and staff in pain management; (2) widen pain assessment strategies; (3) optimise non-drug treatment; (4) increase drug treatment options; and (5) enhance communication and coordination along the pre-hospital pain management pathway. Patients and staff expected pain to be relieved in the ambulance; however, refusal of or inadequate analgesia were common. Pain was commonly assessed using a verbal score, but practitioners' views of severity were sometimes discordant with this. Morphine and Entonox were commonly used to treat pain. Reassurance, positioning and immobilisation were used as alternatives to drugs. Pre-hospital pain management could be improved by addressing practitioner and patient barriers, increasing available drugs and developing multi-organisational pain management protocols supported by training for staff. Conclusions: Pain is often poorly managed and undertreated in the pre-hospital environment. The authors' findings may be used to inform guidance, education and policy to improve the pre-hospital pain management pathway

    Mentoring: A Mechanism for Improving Teachers’ Performance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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    It was a descriptive study, which identified the need of mentoring for improving the performance of Primary School Teachers. It explored the possibilities of introducing a mechanism of mentoring to improve efficiency of in-service and prospective teachers with a view to bring positive change by integrating the mentoring system initially in the main stream of primary education of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The study reviewed relevant literature, which included a study of documents, internet sources, books, journals and research studies as well as personal data bank of the researcher. The population of study included all the 3400 male teachers of 956 Govt; Boys’ Primary Schools and 15 District Level Education Officers of Mansehra. The sample of the study included 384 teachers of 192 Govt; Boys’ Primary Schools of district Mansehra and 5 district level education officers. The tools of the study for data collection included an opinionnaire that was fielded personally to 384 primary school teachers of district Mansehra and interviews held with five District Level Education Officers of the same district. The key questions examined in the study asked: 1. What is the current status of mentoring in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?, 2. What is the need and importance of mentoring in local and global perspective? and 3. What implementable suggestions the study could make for introducing mentoring in teacher education programme at the primary level? The validity and reliability of the instruments and data were ensured through the traditional techniques such as pilot study, establishment of rapport, application of statistical measures and un-biased approach to the study. The outcome of the study indicated that the launching of mentoring programme would be useful both for mentors and mentees for their professional development. Major problems identified were non-availability of mentoring system in government boys’ primary schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the half baked training of the teachers in the teacher training institutions. The study found that there was dire need to introduce mentoring mechanism in main stream of education at primary level in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Several gaps were found which included lack of proper mentoring system, need of professional support to the prospective and serving teachers, poor performance of supervisors in the field and lack of opportunity to explore career. The results of the study would be useful for curriculum planners, teacher educators, policy makers and professional teachers who would benefit the students through their improved teaching skills. It was also discovered that mentoring helped teachers to establish goals and fulfill their career related needs. The effectiveness of teachers and their pedagogical skills could be improved with the mechanism of mentoring, which generated self-confidence, enthusiasm and communication skills. It motivated teachers to accept challenges, find solution of the problems and learn to manage stress. The focus of the recommendations of the study was on the development of a mechanism for implementation of the strategy that included suggestions for appointment of mentors, selection criteria and a plan for training and workshops. The study proposed a mechanism of mentoring for training mentors and other key personnel of education department and made recommendations for its proper induction in main stream of education for Govt; Boys’ Primary Schools  in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Key Words: Mentor, Mentee, Mentoring, Teacher Education, Primary School Teachers, District Level Education Officers, Curriculum Planners, Policy Makers.

    Defining Cyberterrorism, 22 J. Marshall J. Computer & Info. L. 397 (2004)

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    This article explores the definition of the term “cyberterrorism” in light of available literature and recent legislation in an attempt to distinguish cyberterrorism from other cyber activities and crimes. Cyberterrorism is the convergence of terrorism and cyberspace. The author discusses the differences between true cyberterrorism – that is, actual harm caused by cyber attacks – versus less malignant attacks that do more to annoy than harm. The author points out that the main difference between cyberterrorism and other cyber attacks, such as hacking and cracking, is that cyberterrorists are politically motivated, while other cyber attackers have non-politic motives


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    This research presents the students’ perception on the use of English video blog toward their speaking performance. Since English has become an international language, students, especially those who use English as a foreign language, are required to be able to master and develop their English speaking skills. During this pandemic of Covid-19, students are required to be more active in practicing speaking English so that their speaking skills continue to improve. Thus, students are required to use one of the method that is flexible and easy to use anywhere and anytime. Therefore, the researcher then conducted a research with the aim to give a detail description of how are the students’ perception on the use of Englih video blog towards their speaking performance. In this study, the researcher used qualitative approach with descriptive qualitative design. The participants of this research were 10 students of fourth semester of English Department of University Islam Malang. The participants were chosen randomly. To explore the students’ perception on the use of English video blog towards their speaking performance, an online-based questionnaire and an online-based interview were used as the methods of collecting the data. The instruments used in this research were questionnaire and semi-structured interview which was adapted from (Safitri and Khoiriyah 2017). The questionnaire used in this research was using Likert Scale. The findings showed that there were some of the students who faced a problem about the pronunciation which made the participants difficult to convey the ideas when making videos. However, the participants did experience that the use of English video blog was helpful for their enhancement of speaking performance. In addition, the participants also argued that English vlog was very beneficial for the sutdents who wanted to improve their English speaking performance. All in all, the students have a positive perception on the use of English vlog as their learning media in improving their English speaking performance

    Elasto-Plastic Lateral Torsional Buckling of Steel Beams with Perforated Web

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    I-shaped steel members represent the basic structural element in the majority of steel structures. Perforated-web I-shaped steel sections have been used as structural members since the Second World War in an attempt to enhance the flexural behavior of traditional solid-webbed I-shaped steel sections without increasing the cost of the material. In general, two types of web perforations are commonly used in engineering practice; hexagonal and circular. Although, the main intent of the perforation process is to produce stiffer I-sections by increasing the web height and providing higher major-axis flexural capacity than solid-webbed members of the same weight, it also provides access to services and optimizes the use of the costly structural steel material. Moreover, the appealing aesthetical appearance of perforated-web members make them essential elements in construction of exposed steel structures. These advantages, combined with the significant development in computerized manufacturing equipments, have led to the wide spread use of perforated steel members with a variety of geometries suitable for various loading conditions in different structural applications. Structural designs are always attracted by the fact that the augmentation of the cellular section height, compared to its original solid counterpart, enhances its in-plane structural characteristics. It should be noted, however, that the non-uniformity in the beam\u27s cross section due to the presence of web perforations may have an adverse effect on the in-plane flexural capacity of cellular beams in case of instability failure before reaching their full flexural capacity. Web perforations are also expected to influence the response of these beams and the associated potential failure modes. The elastic lateral stability of cellular steel beams is typically a concern during the construction stage when lateral bracing elements are not yet installed. However, the inelastic lateral buckling behavior of cellular beams is more likely to be faced in practice, as a result of yielding in the outmost fibers of the beam before commencement of buckling. The load carrying capacity of these beams is influenced by its global buckling, local buckling of cross section elements and also by the discontinuities in the cross section due to the web perforations. Unfortunately, current design codes do not provide direct guidelines to address lateral torsional buckling of perforated steel beams. The present research work is concerned with the lack of information pertaining to lateral stability of cellular steel beams subjected to flexure. This research presents a literature survey for experimental and numerical studies related to structural behavior of perforated steel beams with emphasis on the buckling response of castellated and cellular I-shaped steel beams. The study is carried out numerically using a detailed three dimensional finite element modeling using the general purpose software package ANSYS. The developed model takes into consideration material and geometrical non-linearities. The adopted mesh is selected to allow various deformations and rotations associated with global and local buckling modes of such beams to be captured (simulated). The developed model is validated by simulating various analytical and experimental case studies that have been reported in the literature. The validated finite element model is utilized to perform extensive buckling analyses of simply supported cellular steel beams subjected to equal end moments, mid-span concentrated load, and uniformly distributed load. Conducted buckling analyses cover a wide spectrum of practical geometrical dimensions and perforation patterns of I-shaped cellular beams. A total of 11,340 cases of analyses are performed to investigate the influence of load application location on the elastic lateral torsional buckling of I-shaped cellular beams. Conducted analyses consider various cases of loading that are applied at the top and bottom flange levels of the modeled beams. The impact of various cross sectional dimensions, beam slenderness, and web openings size and spacing on the elastic buckling capacity is investigated under different types of loads. Results of conducted analyses are utilized to evaluate the variation of the moment gradient factor Cb relative to a non-dimensional factor ke that relates the warping rigidity to the torsional rigidity of cellular beams. Results are compared with those reported in the literature for loading at the shear center of beams. The comparison reveals a clear destabilizing effect for loads applied at the top flange level. On the contrary, loads applied at the bottom flange level enhance the lateral stability of cellular beams. Long span cellular beams are shown to buckle with pure lateral torsional buckling mode (LTB). Buckling of intermediate span beams is controlled by lateral distortional buckling (LDB) where web distortion occurs simultaneously with lateral deformations. Buckling of short span beams is dominated by a high level of web distortion due to the high shear stresses induced in the web. This particular behavior is shown to be consistently coupled with a significant reduction in the Cb value. The study also covers the inelastic lateral buckling of cellular beams loaded at their shear center. A single steel material type is considered; namely A36 according to the American standards AISC 360-05. A comprehensive parametric study that includes 2,268 cases of analyses is conducted to evaluate the impact of various cross section dimensions, beam slenderness, different types of loads, and web openings size on the inelastic buckling capacity and their associated modes for cellular steel beams. Consistent with the case of elastic buckling, outcomes of the inelastic investigation are discussed by presenting the variation of the moment gradient factor Cb with respect to the non-dimensional factor ke. Similar to the observed elastic buckling response, long span cellular beams are shown to experience inelastic lateral buckling due to lateral torsional buckling (LTB) or lateral distortional buckling (LDB). Cellular beams with intermediate span length experience interaction between lateral buckling and local web shear deformations at buckling. The buckling of short span cellular beams is governed by high level of web distortion that results from the high shear stresses induced in the web. In such a case, no lateral buckling occurs and significant reduction in Cb values takes place. Several moment gradient factor Cb ranges that correspond to various buckling modes experienced by the wide range of dimensions considered in the simulation study are identified. This categorization takes into consideration possible interaction between global buckling modes and localized deformations of the cross section elements

    Wheat Productivity, Efficiency, and Sustainability: A Stochastic Production Frontier Analysis

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    The agriculture sector plays a crucial role in the overall development of the country. The sector shares about 24 percent of the GDP and employs about 44 percent of the workforce in the country. Crops sub-sector is the major contributor towards agriculture, sharing more than 53 percent of the value-added. Wheat, being the staple food of Pakistanis, carries immense importance: it contributes about 12 percent of sector value-added, is sown on about 37 percent of the total cropped area, and shares 80 percent in consumption of food grains, while its share in food grain production is around 70 percent. As primary diet, wheat alone shares about 50 percent of the total calories’ and proteins intake in Pakistan, and contributes about 8 percent of the total fat consumed [FAO (Various Issues]. Consequently, overall dietary well being of our people especially the urban and rural poor is largely dependent on the performance of wheat economy. Despite serious efforts made by the wheat breeders in developing new highyielding varieties during the past three decades, wheat production in Pakistan remained short of demand and thus import has been the only alternative to fill the gap. The present wheat requirement of the country is more than 20 million tonnes. It has been estimated that by the year 2020 wheat import would rise up to 15 million tones costing 2 billion US dollars [PARC (1996)]. The situation could worsen further if Pakistan fails to achieve a higher level of growth rate in wheat production and sustain it.


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    Gejolak politik dan ekonomi yang terjadi di indonesia sangat berpengaruh dalam pertumbuhan bisnis nasional termasuk bisnis properti. Investor dihadapkan pada situasi ketidakpastian dalam setiap pengambilan keputusan investasinya, oleh karena itu investor membutuhkan informasi untuk memperkecil ketidakpastian tersebut. Informasi dapat diperoleh investor dari berbagai sumber. Laba akuntansi merupakan salah satu sumber informasi yang dijadikan acuan oleh investor. Penelitian untuk menguji kandungan informasi laba akuntansi sebagian besar dilakukan dengan mengukur kekuatan hubungan antara laba akuntansi dengan harga atau return saham. Cara lain untuk menguji kandungan suatu informasi adalah dengan melihat perilaku reaksi pasar. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji kandungan informasi laba akuntansi dengan melihat perilaku reaksi pasar terhadap pengumuman laba akuntansi berkondisi good news dan bad news. Data yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah laporan keuangan dan data harga saham harian beserta IHSG perusahaan properti dan real estate periode 2004-2006. Teknik analisis yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah menggunakan pendekatan event study untuk menganalisa ada tidaknya reaksi pasar disekitar tanggal pengumuman laporan keuangan suatu perusahaan yang memiliki laba bersih setelah pajak good news dan bad news. Reaksi pasar ditunjukkan dengan ada tidaknya abnormal return di sekitar tanggal pengumuman laporan laba akuntansi. Pembuktian ada tidaknya abnormal return tersebut dilakukan dengan menggunakan analisa uji-t. Berdasarkan perhitungan nilai average abnormal return dan pengujian dengan menggunakan uji-t, dapat disimpulkan bahwa reaksi pasar yang ditunjukkan oleh average abnormal return positif dan signifikan terbukti disekitar tanggal pengumuman laporan laba bersih setelah pajak berkondisi good news. Dan reaksi pasar yang ditunjukkan oleh average abnormal return negatif dan signifikan terbukti disekitar tanggal pengumuman laporan laba bersih setelah pajak berkondisi bad news
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