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    Three dimensional printing with biomaterial

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    According to an example aspect of the present invention, there is provided a method for producing a threedimensional fully bio-based object by forming successive layers of biomaterial under computer control. Depending on the features necessary for the end-use application, properties of the produced 3D-object can be tailored by selecting suitable material component shares.Patent family as of 20.12.2021CN110121526 A 20190813 CN201780080901 20171229      EP3562879 A1 20191106 EP20170887830 20171229      EP3562879 A4 20200805 EP20170887830 20171229      FI128467 B 20200529 FI20160006054 20161230      FI20166054 L 20180701 FI20160006054 20161230      US2019322769 AA 20191024 US20170469656 20171229      WO18122464 A1 20180705 WO2017FI50955 20171229Link to currentpatent family on right </p