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    an analysis of employees' assessments in public organizations in Korea

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    Thesis(Master) --KDI School:Master of Public Mangement,2020Enabling a healthy work environment is progressively becoming relevant to workplaces. Existing literature discusses different inputs that may lead to it but rarely has research tried to holistically address it through a consorted model with multiple buckets of approach. The current study seeks to address this caveat through a mixed-method approach. Extensive literature was used to identify the contribution of individual components that have been traditionally known to encourage a healthy work environment. Primary research was used to validate the need and selection of aspects to consider. The study explores the pattern of existing differences between what is perceived to be a desirable work environment and the current practices. The article closes by proposing a new consorted model called Step-In and Step-Out a model that discusses two-pronged approaches to enable a healthy work environment. The model considers strategies like work purpose alignment, building respect, trust and empathy with internal focus. Simultaneously it also considers physical and mental health, effective communication and inclusion and diversity which either have external manifestations or engage external elements to influence motivation, satisfaction, efficiency and other measures of productivity. Engaging both internal and external loci of engagement, the model contributes to providing a holistic solution to encourage a healthy work environment.1. ABSTRACT 2. INTRODUCTION 3. THEORY AND RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS 4. METHODOLOGY 5. FINDINGS 6. DISCUSSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS 7. LIMITATIONS AND CONCLUSION 8. APPENDICESOutstandingmasterpublishedSomaya IQUBAL