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    The strong Lefschetz property in codimension two

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    Every artinian quotient of K[x,y]K[x,y] has the strong Lefschetz property if KK is a field of characteristic zero or is an infinite field whose characteristic is greater than the regularity of the quotient. We improve this bound in the case of monomial ideals. Using this we classify when both bounds are sharp. Moreover, we prove that the artinian quotient of a monomial ideal in K[x,y]K[x,y] always has the strong Lefschetz property, regardless of the characteristic of the field, exactly when the ideal is lexsegment. As a consequence we describe a family of non-monomial complete intersections that always have the strong Lefschetz property.Comment: 18 pages, 1 figure; v2: Updated history and reference

    The Criminalization of Chicano Male Youth & their Community Agency

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    The uniform face ideals of a simplicial complex

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    We define the uniform face ideal of a simplicial complex with respect to an ordered proper vertex colouring of the complex. This ideal is a monomial ideal which is generally not squarefree. We show that such a monomial ideal has a linear resolution, as do all of its powers, if and only if the colouring satisfies a certain nesting property. In the case when the colouring is nested, we give a minimal cellular resolution supported on a cubical complex. From this, we give the graded Betti numbers in terms of the face-vector of the underlying simplicial complex. Moreover, we explicitly describe the Boij-S\"oderberg decompositions of both the ideal and its quotient. We also give explicit formul\ae\ for the codimension, Krull dimension, multiplicity, projective dimension, depth, and regularity. Further still, we describe the associated primes, and we show that they are persistent.Comment: 34 pages, 8 figure
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