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    Lattice sum rules for the colour fields

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    We analyse the sum rules describing the action and energy in the colour fields around glueballs, torelons and static potentials.Comment: 9 pages LATEX, (typos corrected, to appear in Phys Rev D

    Gluelump Spectrum in the Bag Model

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    We explore the ordering of the lowest levels in a simple bag model of the ``gluelump'' of Michael and also discuss, again within the context of the bag model, the related problem of hybrid potentials in the limit of very small spacing between quark and anti-quark sources.Comment: 10 page

    Orbitally excited and hybrid mesons from the lattice

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    We discuss in general the construction of gauge-invariant non-local meson operators on the lattice. We use such operators to study the PP- and DD-wave mesons as well as hybrid mesons in quenched QCD, with quark masses near the strange quark mass. The resulting spectra are compared with experiment for the orbital excitations. For the states produced by gluonic excitations (hybrid mesons) we find evidence of mixing for non-exotic quantum numbers. We give predictions for masses of the spin-exotic hybrid mesons with $J^{PC}=1^{-+},\ 0^{+-},and, and 2^{+-}$.Comment: 31 pages, LATEX, 8 postscript figures. Reference adde