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    Ballots and Bullets in East and West Timor

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    Beschouwingen bij veertig jaar criminologische wetenschappen in Leuven: een rondetafelgesprek

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    Designing a range of mentalizing interventions for young people using a clinical staging approach to borderline pathology

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    Borderline personality disorder (BPD) can have a long-lasting impact on social and professional functioning, even when core symptoms of BPD are in remission. Adolescence may be a critical developmental period to change the potential long-term functional outcome of BPD. This paper presents a range of mentalizing interventions to alter the course and outcome of BPD, based upon a model of clinical staging. Mentalizing interventions have in common a focus on strengthening self-regulatory and interpersonal capacities, aiming to improve adaptive social learning. This paper argues that these interventions should be dosed and organized according to the stage of progression of BPD, which is illustrated by discussing different specific formats for mentalization-based interventions, including an early-intervention program for BPD and a standard program for full BPD

    Pre-trained Word Embeddings for Goal-conditional Transfer Learning in Reinforcement Learning

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    Reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms typically start tabula rasa, without any prior knowledge of the environment, and without any prior skills. This however often leads to low sample efficiency, requiring a large amount of interaction with the environment. This is especially true in a lifelong learning setting, in which the agent needs to continually extend its capabilities. In this paper, we examine how a pre-trained task-independent language model can make a goal-conditional RL agent more sample efficient. We do this by facilitating transfer learning between different related tasks. We experimentally demonstrate our approach on a set of object navigation tasks.Comment: Paper accepted to the ICML 2020 Language in Reinforcement Learning (LaReL) Worksho
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