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    The Yahwist saga: A study of the form and purpose of the J source.

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    Role of participant observation in anthropology

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    Procedures Used in Planning and Construction of New Elementary School #2, City School District of Rochester

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    This paper investigates the planning and construction of Clara Barton School #2, in the Rochester City school district. First, the author examines the factors contributing to the need for a new school facility, as well as its specific design requirements. The author then recounts the multi-step process the city engaged in to acquire the property and begin construction, as well as their hiring of new personnel. Appendices include, student population statistics, planning sheets and chronological record of planning and construction, as well as relevant communications and newspaper articles

    Cost recovery and pricing of payment services

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    A modern payment system is essential for promoting domestic and international trade and exchange as well as developing financial markets. Payment users will be directed toward the most efficient payment methods when the costs of producing those services are reflected in the prices paid. Resources are being wasted in the United States because consumers see no important difference in transaction prices or bank costs between using a check or using electronic direct debit in paying a bill, even though the social costs of these two instruments are different. Electronic payments cost only a third to half as much as paper-based payments. An estimated $100 billion (or 1.5 percent of GDP) is being lost by the continued use of paper-based checks. When payment instruments are not appropriately priced, the costs must be covered elsewhere. One common solution is to let loan revenues cover part of payment expenses (keeping loan rates higher to compensate). When prices reflect the full cost of producing the service, users demand the services that use the fewest real resources. The authors give examples of payment prices and price schedules and show how underlying cost data are used to"build up"to a price. They outline how payment services may best be structured to: a) Appropriately reflect economies of scale or scope in the production of payment services; b) Adjust cost recovery percentages to accommodate how much demand conditions associated with start-up differ from those associated with mature operation. (During a new system's early years of operation, the transaction volume may be low and some form of underrecovery of costs may be required to encourage use of the system. But any such underrecovery must be built into future pricing arrangements oncethe systems are established and traffic volumes are at a level where full cost recovery is practical. To ensure fairness, the pricing structure must also guarantee that latecomers to the system not get more favorable treatment than the initial user group.); and c) Induce efficient use of scarce resources. They note the economic principles that recommend certain pricing methods over others and apply equally to payment services provided by the private sector or through a government agency. They show why costs should be recovered through user transaction fees.Banks&Banking Reform,Payment Systems&Infrastructure,Economic Theory&Research,Markets and Market Access,Decentralization,Payment Systems&Infrastructure,Economic Theory&Research,Banks&Banking Reform,Environmental Economics&Policies,Markets and Market Access

    Мобильный дробильно-сортировочный радиометрический комплекс

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    Розглянуто питання розробки мобільного подрібнювально-сортувального радіометричного комплексу (МДСРК) для залізорудних кар'єрів. Розглянуто функціональну схему МДСРК і принцип роботи. Дана технологічна схема і загальна організація робіт в забої кар'єру із застосуванням МДСРК. Встановлено, що застосування МДСРК дозволить отримати технологічний, екологічний, енергозбережний і економічний ефект.Рассмотрен вопрос разработки мобильного дробильно-сортировочного радиометрического комплекса (МДСРК) для железорудных карьеров. Рассмотрена функциональная схема МДСРК и принцип работы. Дана технологическая схема и общая организация работ в забое карьера с применением МДСРК. Установлено, что применение МДСРК позволит получить технологический, экологи-ческий, энергосберегающий и экономический эффект.Considered the question of development of а mobile crushing and sorting radiometric complex (MCSRC) for iron ore pits The function chart of MCSRC and the principle of work is considered. The technological scheme and the general organization of works in a pit face with MDSRС application is given. It is established that application of MCSRC will allow to receive technological, ecological, energy saving and economic effect

    New Clock Comparison Searches for Lorentz and CPT Violation

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    We present two new measurements constraining Lorentz and CPT violation using the Xe-129 / He-3 Zeeman maser and atomic hydrogen masers. Experimental investigations of Lorentz and CPT symmetry provide important tests of the framework of the standard model of particle physics and theories of gravity. The two-species Xe-129 / He-3 Zeeman maser bounds violations of CPT and Lorentz symmetry of the neutron at the 10^-31 GeV level. Measurements with atomic hydrogen masers provide a clean limit of CPT and Lorentz symmetry violation of the proton at the 10^-27 GeV level.Comment: 11 pages, 5 figures. To appear in the Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Symmetries in Subatomic Physic