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    T invariance of Higgs interactions in the standard model

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    In the standard model, the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix, which incorporates the time-reversal violation shown by the charged current weak interactions, originates from the Higgs-quark interactions. The Yukawa interactions of quarks with the physical Higgs particle can contain further complex phase factors, but nevertheless conserve T, as shown by constructing the fermion T transformation and the invariant euclidean fermion measure.Comment: LaTeX, 4 pages; presented at PASCOS'0

    Perturbative and non-perturbative QCD corrections to wide-angle Compton scattering

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    We investigate corrections to the handbag approach for wide-angle Compton scattering off protons at moderately large momentum transfer: the photon-parton subprocess is calculated to next-to-leading order QCD and contributions from the generalized parton distribution E} are taken into account. Photon and proton helicity flip amplitudes are non-zero due to these corrections which leads to a wealth of polarization phenomena in Compton scattering. Thus, for instance, the incoming photon asymmetry or the transverse polarization of the proton are non-zero although small.Comment: 19 pages, 9 figures (using LATEX with epsfig

    Proton mass effects in wide-angle Compton scattering

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    We investigate proton mass effects in the handbag approach to wide-angle Compton scattering. We find that theoretical uncertainties due to the proton mass are significant for photon energies presently studied at Jefferson Lab. With the proposed energy upgrade such uncertainties will be clearly reduced.Comment: 4 pages, uses revtex, 3 figure
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