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    Protecting Youth from Mexican Drug Cartel Recruitment: The Prospects of Educational Interventions

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    This investigation considers the impact of Mexico’s War on Drugs since 2006 and the influence of widespread cartel networks on the youth population. As both victims and perpetrators of drug-related crime, the young individuals of Mexico are the center of this research. The goal of this investigation was to determine how education in Mexico’s grade schools could be leveraged to protect its youth from drug-related violence and cartel recruitment. Therefore, the study examines both the challenges suffered by the education system due to the Drug War and the prospects for educational interventions to strengthen and protect youth over and against the drug cartels. The findings determine that the complexity of drug-related crime in Mexico and its effect on youth must be matched by diverse educational interventions. More than simply working to keep students enrolled in school, educators and policy-makers must also work to fortify youth’s social and psychological resources

    Behavioral versus Institutional Antecedents of Decentralized Enforcement in Organizations: An Experimental Approach

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