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    Pembuatan Aplikasi Peta Wisata Di Salatiga Berbasis Mobilegis Memanfaatkan Smartphoneandroid

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    Salatiga is a small town in Central Java province which has an area of ± 56.78 km² and is located between Semarang City and Solo City. In Salatiga founded private universities, where many people from various regions in Indonesia studying at Salatiga. Salatiga city has a variety of attractions that are widespread in some places. The existence of attractions that are far away from the city center and the main roads, and the road to the attraction field winding and has many crossroads, obviously complicate the tourists who first visited in Salatiga. Therefore, it is necessary for Salatiga to have supporting facilities in forms of leisure destination guides as it makes travel to Salatiga easier.By utilizing the technology of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Location Based Service (LBS) that are embedded in a smartphoneandroid and combine it with google maps, it can produce an application that can provide location information services. This application can be created using the software MIT App Inventor 2 which uses programming language visual block.Results this research is an applicationbased mobile GIS Wisata Salatiga which provide information about tours, hotels, cafes and restaurants scattered in Salatiga and surroundings. Some features in which the internet connection is required to use the WLAN network is the fastest network while testing applications. With the average distanceerror of about 23 mwere obtained from comparison of the distance betweennear list menu with the distance measurement tool menu on google maps, the application is still able to provide navigation instructions properly