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    High Resolution Spectroscopy of SN1987A's Rings: He I 10830 and H-alpha from the Hotspots

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    We present the first high-dispersion spectroscopy of He I 10830 from the hotspots in the ring around SN1987A, obtained at Gemini South, spatially resolving the near and far sides of the ring. We compare these line profiles to similar echelle spectra of Hα\alpha and [N II] 6583 obtained at the Magellan Observatory. We find that the He I profiles are much broader than H-alpha or [N II], but the He I profiles also have different shapes -- they have enhanced emission at high speeds, with extra blueshifted emission on the north side of the ring, and extra redshifted emission on the south side. To explain this, we invoke a simple geometric picture where the extra He I emission traces hotter gas from faster shocks that strike the apex of the hotspots directly, while the H-alpha preferentially traces cooler lower-ionization gas from slower transverse shocks that penetrate into the sides of the ring.Comment: 3 pages. To appear in proceedings: "Supernova 1987A: 20 Years After: Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursters" AIP, New York, eds. S. Immler, K.W. Weiler, and R. McCra

    The Philippines: External Shocks, Adjustment Policies and Impact on Selected Development Concerns, 1973-1985

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    With the objective of designing and implementing more effective policies and programs in the light of external shocks, this paper assesses the impact of economic crisis and adjustment policies on basic economic and social concerns particularly on vulnerable income groups. The development path implied in this article is a strategy that is expansionary within the limits set by external finance and other policy considerations.vulnerable groups, adjustment policies

    Impact Analysis of a Small-Scale Irrigation Project in Manicahan District, Zamboanga City

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    This article is a product of a nine-month training and application program implemented by the micro component of the Economic and Social Impact Analysis/Women in Development (ESIA/WID) and the Food Systems Program of the East-West Center Resource Systems Institute (RSI). It focuses on the 300-hectare, small-scale irrigation system in Manicahan District and its impact on the employment levels on farms within the irrigated area.infrastructure, irrigation system, rural sector, farm lands, infrastructural development, impact analysis

    Invertebrata Pacifica. (1903-7). Edited by C. F. Baker. Hampton, Middlesex, England: E. W. Classey, 1969. [ii], 197 pp. $10.80.

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    Excerpt: Charles Fuller Baker (1872-1927) was born in Lansing, Michigan, and received his undergraduate degree from Michigan Agricultural College [now Michigan State University) in 1892. While on the faculty of the Colorado Agricultural College he collected extensively in the West, specializing in the Homoptera. After a decade of varied employment, ranging from service as botanist on the H. H. Smith expedition to Colombia (1898-99) to teaching high school in St. Louis, he returned to academic life and obtained his M.S. at Stanford in 1903

    Block-Recursiveness of the Household Production Model Under Risk

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    This article has been presented at the Workshop on Methods for Agricultural Policy Analysis held at the UP Los Baños on August 13-14, 1985. It considers block-recursiveness in a simple household model under different market regimes. Analysis shows conservatism of farm households with respect to input use when homemade insurance through input use is devised.agriculture sector, econometric modeling
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