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    Q-Neutrosophic Soft Relation and Its Application in Decision Making

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    Q-neutrosophic soft sets are essentially neutrosophic soft sets characterized by three independent two-dimensional membership functions which stand for uncertainty, indeterminacy and falsity. Thus, it can be applied to two-dimensional imprecise, indeterminate and inconsistent data which appear in most real life problems. Relations are a suitable tool for describing correspondences between objects

    Herbs as antimicrobial remedies and the scientific evidences.

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    Herbs has long been traditionally proved as effective remedies in preventing and treating various microbial infectious diseases, such as ringworm, Athlete's foot, nail infections, scalp infections, vaginal and oral infections. The successful experience of using herbs as antimicrobial agents has been shared throughout generations and has guided the modem generations in using herbs as an alternative therapy to\:vards conventional antimicrobial agents. The traditional use of certain herbs in treating infections also has been proved and supported with scientific evidences through ethnopharmacologyand reverse pharmacology studies. Some herbs are also proved to be used as safe home remedies as practiced traditionally through evidences from scientific studies

    Effect of different nutraceuticals on phytochemical and mineral composition as well as medicinal properties of home made mixed vegetable pickles.

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    The present study was carried out to check the effect of different nutraceuticals on antioxidant activity, total phenolic contents, total flavonoid contents, antidiabetic activity, sensory evaluation and heavy metals of mixed vegetable pickles. The results were indicated that the P3 pickle sample which contained six medicinal plant powders showed the highest antioxidant activity (87.56 ± 0.02%), total phenolic contents (77.12 ± 0.01 mg GAE/100 g), total flavonoid contents (14.67 ± 0.06 QE mg/g) and antidiabetic activity (IC50= 25.89 ± 0.07 µg/mL). The level of heavy metals was varied in all of the selected pickles but below permissible limit while according to consumer point of view all sample were accepted

    Analysis of Pre and Post Merger and Acquisition Financial Performance of Banks in Pakistan

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    Merger and Acquisition is a strategy adopted by the organizations globally to meet the needs of dynamic business environment. This strategy also has much importance in Pakistan mostly in banking sector. Therefore, the objective of the study is to assess the impact of M&A on the financial performance of banks in Pakistan. The accounting and financial data of 10 banks were used in this study. Data was taken from the financial statement analysis (FSA) by State Bank of Pakistan from the period of 20062011. For the analysis of pre and post Merger and Acquisition performance 15 financial ratios were used in the study. To compare the results Paired sample t-Test was used to measure the significant difference between pre and post M&A financial performance. The overall results show that there is no significant difference in financial performance. It is concluded that there is insignificant difference between pre and post M&A performance of banks in Pakistan

    Robust Schemes to Enhance Energy Consumption Efficiency for Millimeter Wave-Based Microcellular Network in Congested Urban Environments

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    Future wireless communication networks will be largely characterized by small cell deployments, typically on the order of 200 meters of radius/cell, at most. Meanwhile, recent studies show that base stations (BS) account for about 80 to 95 % of the total network power. This simply implies that more energy will be consumed in the future wireless network since small cell means massive deployment of BS. This phenomenon makes energy-efficient (EE) control a central issue of critical consideration in the design of future wireless networks. This paper proposes and investigates (the performance of) two different energy-saving approaches namely, adaptive-sleep sectorization (AS), adaptive hybrid partitioning schemes (AH) for small cellular networks using smart antenna technique. We formulated a generic base-model for the above-mentioned schemes and applied the spatial Poisson process to reduce the system complexity and to improve flexibility in the beam angle reconfiguration of the adaptive antenna, also known as a smart antenna (SA). The SA uses the scalable algorithms to track active users in different segments/sectors of the microcell, making the proposed schemes capable of targeting specific users or groups of users in periods of sparse traffic, and capable of performing optimally when the network is highly congested. The capabilities of the proposed smart/adaptive antenna approaches can be easily adapted and integrated into the massive MIMO for future deployment. Rigorous numerical analysis at different orders of sectorization shows that among the proposed schemes, the AH strategy outperforms the AS in terms of energy saving by about 52 %. Generally, the proposed schemes have demonstrated the ability to significantly increase the power consumption efficiency of micro base stations for future generation cellular systems, over the traditional design methodologies

    Serum lipid profile as a marker of liver impairment in hepatitis B Cirrhosis patients

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    Representative GC chromatogram of serum total and free fatty acids of HBV patients and controls along with standards of fatty acid methyl esters.(DOCX 761 kb