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    The beauty and benefits of plants in the Green Open Space are often disturbed by mistletoes. The existence of mistletoes often indicates the occurrence of disturbances or damage to the host plants that are parasitized. The mistletoes has been widely known by the community, but has never received attention in handling it. There has been little research on crop damage or loss caused by mistletoes. The purpose of this research is to know the existence of mistletoe and to know the pattern of distribution of mistletoe in green open space of Surabaya city. The study was conducted using the exploration method with emphasis to observe the distribution of mistletoes and identification of the type of mistletoe obtained. The results showed that the distribution of mistletoes in green open space in Surabaya tend to be grouped according to the distribution pattern of host plants. There are three types of mistletoes that mistletoe green open space plants in the city of Surabaya namely Dendrophtoe pentandra (L.) (very dominant), Macrosolen cochinchinensis (Lour.) Van Tiegh, and Henslowia frutescens.Cham

    Utilization of urban waste as liquid organic fertilizer for vegetable crops in urban farming system

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    Converting vegetable, fruit, food, fish offal and slaughterhouse waste that become a problem for the community in the urban areas into useful plant fertilizer is the solution. This study aims to determine (1) the potential of urban organic waste into liquid organic fertilizer and (2) the effectiveness of liquid organic fertilizer (LOF) in increasing the growth and yield of vegetable crops in urban farming systems. The study used Randomized Block Design (RBD) with some treatments P0 (control) and P1 (LOF with 6 types of waste) consisting of P2 (vegetable waste), P3 (fruit waste), P4 (sprouts waste), P5 (food waste), P6 (catfish waste) and P7 (blood waste). The treatment was repeated 3 times for a total of 28 experimental units. The three vegetable plants; eggplant, Bok Choy and mustard, were used in the experiment. The study found that liquid organic fertilizers from vegetables, fruit, sprout, food, fish, blood waste and mixed waste all contain organic matter, varying amounts of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), carbon (C), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), iron (Fe) and humic acid. All liquid organic fertilizer treatments increased eggplant and Bok Choy vegetable growth and yield; however, the type of organic waste used as a raw material for LOF did not affect growth but eggplant and Bok Choy yield. LOF from blood waste (P7) and fish waste (P6) has higher measured nutrients and yield from eggplant, Bok Choy and mustard vegetables than other treatments


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    Pemantauan kestabilan lereng suatu tambang terbuka adalah salah satu cara yang dapat dilakukan untuk mengelola risiko dari potensi longsor. Slope Stability Radar (SSR) adalah teknologi/alat yang dapat digunakan untuk memantau kestabilan lereng dengan menyajikan data secara real time. SSR menggunakan prinsip line-of-sight dalam menghitung besaran pergerakan lereng yang dapat menghasilkan vector loss pada nilai pengukurannya. Vector loss adalah persentase besaran deformasi tereduksi akibat arah pergerakan lereng memiliki selisih sudut terhadap arah pengukuran radar. Dalam pengelolaan longsor terdapat nilai ambang batas yang diterapkan untuk mengkategorikan perilaku deformasi batuan. Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengkaji pengaruh vector loss terhadap nilai ambang batas yang diterapkan pada tambang terbuka batubara dengan menggunakan 20 data longsor pada periode 3 April 2021 – 9 Mei 2021 yang dideteksi oleh SSR pada Pit A di area High-Wall Timur dan L Barat, serta Pit B di area High-Wall Barat.Nilai ambang batas yang diterapkan saat ini mencakup kategori “Aman” pada nilai kecepatan deformasi 0 - 50 mm/hari, “Waspada” pada nilai kecepatan deformasi 50 mm/hari – 120 mm/hari, dan “Evakuasi” pada nilai kecepatan deformasi lebih dari 120 mm/hari. Hasil perhitungan data SSR menunjukkan bahwa tingkat kecepatan deformasi saat terjadinya longsor berada pada rentang data 28.77 – 202.53 mm/hari dan tingkat kecepatan deformasi terkoreksi vector loss saat terjadinya longsor berada pada rentang data 49.43 – 367.44 mm/hari.Berdasarkan hasil perhitungan, maka nilai ambang batas pada kategori “Evakuasi” yang sebelumnya berada pada nilai deformasi lebih dari 120 mm/hari dapat dioptimalkan menjadi lebih dari 50 mm/hari untuk area High-Wall Timur dan Low-Wall Barat pada Pit A, serta area High-Wall Barat untuk Pit B. Nilai ambang batas untuk SSR dapat menggunakan nilai lebih dari 30 mm/hari untuk area High-Wall Barat pada Pit B, lebih dari 40 mm/hari untuk area Low-Wall Barat pada Pit A, dan lebih dari 50 mm/hari untuk area High-Wall Timur pada Pit A

    Pelatihan Pengolahan dan Pengemasan Keripik Buah

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    The purpose of this community service is to provide solutions through providing tools and training for processing and packaging fruit chips in Gelangsar Village, Gunungsari, West Lombok. This training activity is one of Kosabangsa's programs for 2023. Participants in this training consist of village owned enterprises and farmer groups totalling 26 people. The method used in this service is socialization and training related to technology and innovation in processing and packaging fruit chips. The results of implementing community service through questions and answers and discussions are that the community strongly agrees with the training on processing and packaging fruit chips because it can increase understanding, skills and new, more innovative business ideas to improve the economy of Gelangsar village residents. Through this training, the community has new insights regarding the latest technology and innovation in processing chips from post-harvest fruit and packaging them so that they are durable and long-lasting. The continuation of this program is related to product marketing assistance which will collaborate with various related parties such as Business and Technology Incubator of Universitas Islam Al-Azhar and Nusa Tenggara Barat Mall. The impact of this program is the local people are able to increase their income through the training

    Tema kehidupan sosial sebagai penciptaan seni lukis.

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    Maksud dari judu ini adalah penciptaan karya seni lukis yang didasari atas kejadian realita kehidupan mengenai gejala sebab akibat yang ditimbulkan oleh pengaruh kemajuan zaman yang mempengaruhi pola hidup pada masyarakat di pedesaan atau perkotaan.Tujuannya untuk mengekspresikan ide dan mensikapi persoalan kehidupan sosial sebab akibat dari kemajuan zaman


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    The 'zero waste' movement in waste management has not been consistently implemented to build a sustainable cycle. However, residents of RW VII Dukuh Menanggal have adopted 'zero waste management' practices, including waste bank activities and composting of leaf waste in jumbo biopores. Community service initiatives aim to promote appropriate technology for leaf waste composting using the d'Wijaya method, increase the capacity for processing organic matter into compost, and enhance residents' skills in using compost for vegetable cultivation. These activities encompass socialization, counseling, and assistance in implementing the composting method. Planning, implementation, and evaluation involve the community directly, fostering a sense of ownership of the program. These community service activities have led to increased insight, knowledge, and skills among residents regarding composting of leaf waste and tree branch waste using the d'Wijaya method, as well as using compost for vegetable growth. The implementation of the 'zero waste management' concept in RW VII has resulted in a reduction of waste transported to temporary disposal sites (TDS) by more than 50%. This program could serve as an initial step towards establishing an independent composting facility within the RW area in Surabaya