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    The bipolaron in the strong coupling limit

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    The bipolaron are two electrons coupled to the elastic deformations of an ionic crystal. We study this system in the Fr\"{o}hlich approximation. If the Coulomb repulsion dominates, the lowest energy states are two well separated polarons. Otherwise the electrons form a bound pair. We prove the validity of the Pekar-Tomasevich energy functional in the strong coupling limit, yielding estimates on the coupling parameters for which the binding energy is strictly positive. Under the condition of a strictly positive binding energy we prove the existence of a ground state at fixed total momentum PP, provided PP is not too large.Comment: 31 page

    Bethe anzats derivation of the Tracy-Widom distribution for one-dimensional directed polymers

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    The distribution function of the free energy fluctuations in one-dimensional directed polymers with ╬┤\delta-correlated random potential is studied by mapping the replicated problem to a many body quantum boson system with attractive interactions. Performing the summation over the entire spectrum of excited states the problem is reduced to the Fredholm determinant with the Airy kernel which is known to yield the Tracy-Widom distributionComment: 5 page

    Approach to equilibrium for the phonon Boltzmann equation

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    We study the asymptotics of solutions of the Boltzmann equation describing the kinetic limit of a lattice of classical interacting anharmonic oscillators. We prove that, if the initial condition is a small perturbation of an equilibrium state, and vanishes at infinity, the dynamics tends diffusively to equilibrium. The solution is the sum of a local equilibrium state, associated to conserved quantities that diffuse to zero, and fast variables that are slaved to the slow ones. This slaving implies the Fourier law, which relates the induced currents to the gradients of the conserved quantities.Comment: 23 page
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